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Try these Top 9 Tried-and-Tested Techniques of Guest Blogging!

Struggling to Improve your Site Traffic? Try these Top 9 Tried-and-Tested Techniques of Guest Blogging!

Struggling to Improve your Site Traffic? Try these Top 9 Tried-and-Tested Techniques of Guest Blogging!

In today’s time, almost everyone (even our pets) has a blog page, thanks to the internet. Now, everyone can realize their vision of having a fruitful business venture within a chosen niche. Setting up a website, posting your blogs regularly, and promoting it on your social media, is the only thing you need to do! 

Well, that is how it is supposed to work. But the real story is immensely different than this.  

Is your blog grabbing the attention of readers?  

Are you devoting a lot of your time to creating quality-oriented content but ending up with no audience or less audience on your website? If Yes?

Do not worry; I am here to share my experience and tips with you not to make repetitive mistakes. 

Along with your website, you also need a blog page, which is the top priority for most marketers, and creating quality content that people will notice also incurs enormous costs. 

After facing this intimidating scenario, I decided to settle with guest blogging

Let’s save your time, money, and energy.

In this blog, I will share six tips for guest blogging that will help you increase your traffic for sure.  

9 ways to generate more traffic from guest blogging

#1 Write relevant and unique content

Content is the King! 

No strategy can help you survive if your content is not effective and unique.

Everyone is a blogger nowadays. Thus, it becomes imperative to create content that is genuinely helpful for your audience and is different from the available cluster of content on the web. 

Write about topics that people are interested in. Now the question arises, how do you know what your audience is interested in? 

The best way is by seeing what common questions people are asking. If many people ask about the same problem, then there is a high chance that more people will read your blog when you write a blog on that topic. 


Another way to create helpful content is what I say, “scratching your own itch.” Meaning, write a blog on a problem that you faced and how you solved it.    

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Try to find out what problems your customer might be facing and how they can be solved. If you are facing a problem, it means that there are other people also who must be facing the same problem. 

I have used the second technique in this blog.  

You can even produce content that you wish was available on the internet for you. It is a bit similar to the technique; I spoke about previously. The only difference here is that you are writing content about a problem you had in your past. 

#2. Targeted exposure

If you want to surge your online sales, your job is much more than creating a website and publishing content on it. You have to make your audience aware of your presence and how you can help them. It would benefit if you took the initiative. 

It can be achieved by getting exposure on multiple platforms and not just your own website. Guest blogging is your way. Posting on the already established blogs in your niche will help you in reaching out to more audiences. It will benefit your online presence and make a large number of audiences aware of your business.  

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#3. Build relationships and networks

Guest posts can help you drive the conversation on social media, which will lead to fantastic networking opportunities. While connecting with your intended audience, if you leave a positive influence on them, then this will help you generate an upsurge in SEO traffic for your website. They will not only buy your products or services, but they will also refer them to their friends and relatives. When this happens, you can create long-term relationships with your customers. 

You can also ask for people who might want to be guest bloggers on your website and posting on guest blogs. They can offer a wide range of information and perspective by posting fresh content on your website. It will increase traffic on your page as the guest blogger’s loyal audiences are likely to visit your website, giving you access to an entirely new audience and market.

#4. Quality traffic

Quality traffic is the most significant advantage of guest blogging as it gives you optimum traffic to your website. Social Media and Search Engine Optimization can also help you increase traffic, but they do not offer the most related visitors. Traffic that cannot be converted into customers is of no use. As marketers, you need traffic, your target audience, and are genuinely attracted to your offering.

Thus, guest blogging is exceptionally effective. The traffic pulled in through guest posting is considerably more liable to make a move on your site rather than others.

#5. Social media growth

You can improve your online presence by adding links to social media pages along with website links. People will follow you on your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter if they like your guest blogs. By doing so, you are indirectly generating traffic to your website only.


When you write a great blog or piece of content, you can increase your social media followers. In addition to that, your content will also be shared on social media platforms, improving your business. With the growth in your social media following, several shares, and traffic to your website, you will be able to create a social proof of the validity of your content.

#6 Inbound links

You can submit your bio, social media, and website URLs when posting a guest blog for another website. With the help of these links, you can generate organic traffic and boost organic search rankings, leading to your website’s better search visibility. This gives you the traffic you are looking after. The only thing to keep under check is posting quality-oriented content.

Inbound linking is certainly meaningful because they play a very crucial role in search engine ranking algorithms. Better ranking means better exposure to a larger number of people. Moreover, quality content will give you a steady engagement.

#7. Know who your customers are

It is vital to know who your target audience is – because if you write for everyone, you are probably not going to write for anyone.

Guest blogging will not help you much unless and until you know who your customers are. How will you be able to hit the target if you do not see what your aim is? You need to customize your content based on your customers and the audience interested in your products or services. 

It is always a good thing to invest in knowing your customers. Find out who will have the most benefits from your products, content, and services.

#8. Know where your customers are

The process does not end with knowing who your customers are. You also need to find out where your customers are located. What do they read online? Where do they hang out online? 

Figure out which sites your clients are regularly visiting. Which products, services, and content are they interested in. I am listing below a few ways to find out what your customers are interested in. 

  • Search on Google: Google is quite good at its job. Search for some keywords your clients and customers might be searching on google. For instance, if your customers are content marketers, you can try searching for ‘content marketing blog’ or content marketing strategies.’This is what I called a general search. You can also go for a specific topic search such as journalism, SEO content writing, digital marketing for business, etc.

But before you begin your search, make sure you are using the right terms – the words used by your customers. Your keyword search game needs to be on top.

Search on Google SEO

  • Customer Development Interviews: It is as simple as asking your clients. Instead of searching, directly ask your customers what they are reading. Form a questionnaire that you can ask your customers. Your questionnaire can include questions like: Which blogs do you read? What are your favorite blogs? Which news site do you read? Which sites are your favorite? Etc.
  • Audience Intelligence Tools: You must already be having an email list and social media handle. Learn from there what your audience is reading. You can use some free audience intelligence tools such as google analytics. From there, you will know what your audience is interested in and what kind of sites you might choose for guest posting to reach a similar audience.

#9. Don’t do it all yourself

You do not have to do everything on your own. There are so many available tools for free and such tools will make your process very easy and simple. I am making a list of a few of my favorite tools:

  • ConvertKit: I freshly started using ConvertKit to build squeeze pages and create opt-in forms to set in on my blog posts with giveaways—alternative email list booster.
  • Sumo: Sumo is useful in getting social share buttons to increase traffic, popup windows to collect emails, etc.
  • Buzzstream: It is an automated tool that helps you in researching links for prospectus and conducting campaigns. 
  • MailChimp: Mailchimp can help you build email lists and sharp-looking emails. I use the MailChimp WordPress plugin to show an email opt-in box on each page of my site.

To Sum It Up!

Guest blogging may require a lot of time and effort, but once you put that investment into building your brand and getting qualified leads to convert to your site, you will know how worthy all your efforts were. Let me give you a step-wise process that will make your job even easier. The five steps are: 

  1. Create the True Personas
  2. Select a Content Topic for Your Own Blog 
  3. Pen High-Quality, In-Depth Content
  4. Start Pitching, Go for Quick Wins 
  5. Start Building Relationships

The chief takeaway I would like you to leave with is creating quality-oriented, in-depth content and focus on building your relationships. Use the guest blogging strategy as a long-term strategy. The more frequently you guest post, the more audience you will be able to reach.

Try these tips and steps, and let me know how well my strategy worked for you in the comments section. You can also share your experiences and feedback.

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