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Top 100+ Sites For Guest Posting in 2021 – Quality Websites

Backlinks aren’t the only reason for guest posting. It’s a chance to reach out to a new audience, expand your online community, and establish relationships with other specific marketers. We have compiled 100+ Sites For Guest Posting in 2021.

If done correctly, guest blogging can be beneficial to you. Of course, it’s a task that not everybody can perform, but you’ll need to understand a few things and follow a few guidelines to make the most out of it.

The first step is to figure out what your guest blog’s objective is. For example, why do you want to make your content visible on other websites? As we previously mentioned, for a backlink or to gain a better audience. This does not take long, but it is important.

Finding guest posting options is the second most important move. While not every website on the internet accepts guest posts, a few do. Of course, everybody wants to publish content on the best guest blogging platforms, but only a small percentage of them succeed.

The majority of guest bloggers write to gain backlinks. To do this correctly, you’ll need to consider a few factors. First, you’ll need to write high-quality content to get your post published on high-authority pages. Otherwise, the primary objective would be to target a large number of lower-authority pages.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of 100+ sites for guest posting that will come in handy whenever you choose to publish a guest post.

Codersera | Technology / Business

Codersera is an online marketplace for hiring highly skilled coders and developers. It also has an amazing blog that features various categories like Technology, Business, Coding, and a few. The website has monthly pageviews of more than 100K, and the majority of traffic comes from Tier-1 countries like the US and Canada.

Mashable | Digital Marketing

Mashable, which was established in 2005, is the leading source of news in digital and social media, technology, and the web industry. It is the most popular news site, with over 40 million monthly pageviews covering breaking web news, trend analysis, website and service reviews, and social media tools and guides. Early adopters, social media lovers, founders, influencers, brands and companies, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, Web 2.0 aficionados, and technology journalists are all part of Mashable’s audience.

Hubspot | Digital Marketing

HubSpot has four main blogs: Marketing, Sales, Service, and Website. Each blog has different guest posting guidelines. The award-winning HubSpot Blogs have over 7 million monthly visits, and we’re always looking for more brilliant contributors to join our ranks. So if you would like to share your expertise with a large audience of marketers, growth hackers, and business owners, then this the perfect platform.

GetResponse | Digital Marketing

Post relevant, well-researched posts (preferably 1300+ words) with actionable tips.

Your post should be 100% original and unpublished. Once it’s live on our site, you can republish it on your own blog or other websites – just add a short disclaimer at the end to state that it first appeared on the GetResponse blog, with a link back to the original post.

Social Media Examiner | Digital Marketing

Social Media Examiner is tightly focused on social media and creator content. They publish original articles to reveal how small and medium-sized businesses and busy marketers can use social media and related 3rd party tools. Their articles cover platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Periscope, and Snapchat; tools such as dashboard solutions, and those that track analytics or create images, etc.; and blogs.

60fps | Technology / Gaming

It is a gaming news and latest technology website covering a wide range of technology news. 60fps is all about delivering the best gaming content to their audience. This website is full of How-To tutorials, gaming walkthroughs, and the latest device reviews. They have an amazing team that instantly replies to your emails, so go ahead and publish your amazing technology blog on fps.

Content Marketing Institute | Content marketing

The Content Marketing Institute is the world’s top provider of content marketing education and training, teaching businesses how to attract and keep customers through multichannel storytelling. This website is chock-full of information about content marketing in general.

Creative Bloq | Blogging

Digital and traditional artists, web designers, graphic designers, 3D and VFX artists, illustrators, and others get daily advice and inspiration from Creative Bloq. They show their audience the best creative work and provide them with the knowledge they need to keep up with the current trends and advancements in global design and create their finest work.

MarketingProfs | Marketing

Individuals, small teams, and major businesses can benefit from MarketingProfs training programs, online events, conferences, and extra free materials. They’ve been carefully crafted to motivate you to boost productivity, develop effective marketing, and enhance revenue. MarketingProfs is trusted by companies like Infosys, Penn Mutual, Navigant, and Kaplan to provide learning programs for their in-house marketing teams.

Benchmark | Digital Marketing

Benchmark Email has a feature set that is integrated, automated, and robust enough to aid any size business. A straightforward email marketing tool that enables you to design and send attractive campaigns easily.

OutBrain | Digital Marketing

They are a critical part of media businesses’ tech stacks, allowing them to compete with walled gardens in audience acquisition, engagement, and retention. In addition, their advertising platform connects global and emerging companies with consumers on the open web via engaging ad formats that motivate them to take action.

Thesitegirls | DA 69 | Blogging

They enjoy sharing posts regarding blogging and social media in particular. They are committed to assisting their community members in connecting with and learning from one another.  You can utilize their social media network to promote your blog article, including our blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Pinterest account.

CoSchedule | Content marketing

With over one million unique visits per month,  more than 800,000 email subscribers and

100,000+ total social media fans and followers, it is an ideal website for guest posting. They promote every guest blog post they publish as if a member wrote it of their own team. You can rest assured that your content will get read and help build your authority as a trusted name in the industry.

Shout Me Loud | SEO

Over 735 bloggers have submitted one or more guest pieces to ShoutMeLoud, an award-winning blog. However, before submitting a guest post to ShoutMeLoud, make sure to check their guidelines to guarantee that your submission is approved.

Pole Position Marketing | Digital Marketing

To complement their in-house knowledge, they occasionally welcome guest blogs from the best of the best. They look forward to hearing from you, but please be aware that their standards are high, and they are very picky.

Techbhay | Blogging

techbhay is a renowned Indian media and information portal covering the entire Indian startup ecosystem from start to finish. Inc42, which began from the ground up five years ago, has grown to become the entrance to the Indian startup ecosystem, having published over 15,000 stories and affecting the lives of over 20 million people in India each month.

MailJet | Email Marketing

MailJet is an easy-to-use one-stop-shop for any email services that one might require. With its Headquarters in Paris, MailJet is not only the leading email solutions platform in Europe, but with over 130000 strong customers, it has been a formidable presence in tech hubs all around the globe like New York, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Toronto, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. They are on a mission to simplify email delivery and collaboration and allow their customers, including SMEs and enterprises alike, to attract, engage and build relationships with their customers via email.

The Blog Herald | Marketing

Established in 2003, The Blog Herald is a leading source of news, information, tips, and analysis on blogs, the blogging industry, and bloggers worldwide. It was The blog dedicated entirely to blogosphere news and the,is day remains the longest and largest standing resource of its kind. In addition, they continuously strive to keep enriching the reading experience and offer several advertising options for those interested in taking advantage of their traffic and reaching a wide audience.

Search Engine People | SEO

As SEO exploded in 2001, various SEO agencies in Toronto rose to the challenge, with Search Engine People leading the push. They had established a roster of hundreds of SEO Toronto SEO clients in only a few short years and quickly expanded to become a full-service digital agency. They’ve blurred the lines between service offerings to develop cross-platform strategies that help their clients get the highest ROI for their precious marketing spend.

SEO-Hacker | SEO

Established in 2010, SEO-Hacker is a company that provides three dimensions of services, namely, Blog, SEO School, and lastly SEO Services. The goal of the SEO Hacker Blog is to provide the globe with the most up-to-date knowledge in the SEO field. SEO Hacker School provides guidance and learnings to people interested in learning SEO. In contrast, SEO Hacker’s SEO Services provides top-notch SEO services to those looking for a higher rank in the search engines.

The Work at Home Woman | Social Media

Featured in Forbes’ top 100 career Website list, The Work at Home Woman provides individuals with job leads, ideas, and information helping them with remote careers and businesses. So if you’re looking for a legitimate work-at-home job or want to launch and run your own home-based business, Work at Home Women is a blog you definitely want to visit.

Viral Blog | Social Media

Since 2007, ViralBlog has been an award-winning global marketing magazine. Everything from marketing to social media to viral videos to disruptive inventions that alter the market rules is all covered. With 800,000 unique readers a year, Viral Blog is becoming an indispensable tool for the global marketing community.

Sociable Blog | Social Media

Sociable Blog is the perfect platform to find the latest news, articles, videos on social networking, social media, social community, and social software worldwide. If you are planning to launch a new social network or community or a web tool and want to reach a wider audience, SociableBlog would definitely help you with your quest.

GrowMap | Marketing

GrowMap is a platform that will provide you with customized routes that will help you in generating the maximum business, sales, leads, or traffic for various businesses and websites. In addition, they provide easy and Step-by-step instructions simple enough for even those with minimal technical experience.

Famous Bloggers | Social Media

Famous Bloggers is a multi-authors blog and Social Networking platform for bloggers based on the contributions of its authors. They are rapidly spreading on several social networks and have become a highly recognized and dependable face for even those just starting in the blogosphere in a short period. So, if you have ideas that you believe in, reach out to them, and they will help your ideas flourish.

Hellbound Bloggers | Blogging

Established in 2009, Hellbound Bloggers is a rapidly expanding Technology Blog & Web Community. If you often find yourself interested in topics like Blogging, Social Media, Technology, WordPress, Product Reviews, and Internet Tips, Hellbound Bloggers is the perfect platform for you. They welcome guest posts and currently boast 600+ contributors.

Basic Blog Tips | Blogging

Blogging might seem intimidating for someone just starting. One might not know where to start exactly. This is where Basic Blog Tips can prove to be of immense help. They provide Blogging tips; Social media tutorials, YouTube training videos, and last but certainly not least; If you want some blogging tips or want to optimize your social media, this is the platform to visit.

Hinge Marketing | Marketing

Hinge Marketing is the go-to marketing firm for the branding and marketing of professional services firm has built practical, dependable strategies to change practically any professional services organization into a high-performing standout, based on more than a decade of high-growth research and results, and they’ve created these programs for a variety of busy businesses.

TechPatio | Marketing

TechPatio is a blogging website whose purpose is to maintain a decent and reputable blog where users may feel at peace as if they were on their patio. is open for guest posts – and by submitting a guest post, you could gain exposure, inbound links, and relevant readers via organic traffic.

ITechCode.Com | Blogging  is a Blog Site that focuses on blogging, Technology, Computer Systems, Gadgets, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), WordPress, Programming, Software Reviews, etc. Its creator is an individual, highly passionate about anything even remotely related to technology, and has created a blog site that reflects the same.

Dealer Marketing | Blogging

Dealer Marketing Magazine is a popular online trade publication with a significant readership. Their editorial focus is on how-to and thought leadership pieces that educate and enlighten auto dealers. They are not news magazines, even if they may contain some news or industry information relevant to our purpose of teaching.

Northcutt | Marketing, SEO

Northcutt approaches SEO with science, expertise, and integrity in an industry saturated with hustlers and hobbyists. As a result, we’re reinventing how SEO happens at scale.

Opportunities Planet | SEO

Opportunities Planet is a multi-author blog to help you establish a successful business or career by giving you advice and providing information about Business, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging Tips, Online Marketing, Freelancing, Online Opportunities.

Be a Better Blogger | Blogging

Be A Better Blogger is an initiative started by Kevin J. Duncan during the Summer of 2014 with two primary goals in mind: To help people be the best blogger they can be, and to reach a level of success that enables them to do this (“blogging”) full time.

TechPost | Social Media is a major digital marketing and technology site that provides digital marketing, technology, gadgets, the internet, software, and applications. It was established in 2017. They also assist beginner SEO experts and bloggers by offering the most recent digital marketing information.

Blog Notes | Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, SEO, technology, web design, development, lifestyle, health, news, travel, and fashion are some of the topics they cover. In addition, they welcome well-written guest blogs. And, as we all know, guest blogging is a compelling SEO strategy that many people enjoy using. Blog Notes is for people who want to read useful and easy-to-understand information, as well as companies looking for users.

SEMupdates | SEO, Social Media

You can read all the advanced digital marketing tips and tricks on SEMupdates. They have collected the best articles which cover all the topics in detail. Their blog covers In-depth subject guides, informative articles, observational marketing articles, marketing research reports, digital marketing tools, hack, tips, and tricks.

Bakwas Marketing | Email Marketing

Their headquarters are in New Delhi, India. However, they have employees throughout the world. Because of their considerable experience in digital marketing, they are known as the top digital marketing agency in Delhi, India. SEO Services, search engine marketing, content marketing, and social media optimization are just a few of the online marketing services they offer.

Tutor City | Education

Tutor City’s blog focuses on balancing informative and relevant content, never at the expense of providing an enriching read.
We want our readers to expand their horizons by learning more and find meaning to what they learn.

MyTechTalky | Blogging

Their primary goal is to deliver their readers high-quality articles related to Latest Technologies and their Reviews, Blogging Tutorials, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Coupons related to various hosting, domains, themes, and plugins.

Hostel Bookers | Travel

They want to inspire travel and let other travelers in on the tips and secrets they’ve picked up over the years. So they invite informative, original, unusual stories. Guest posts can come in any format: a top ten list, a series of tips, a story about a travel experience, a local neighborhood guide – whatever works best.

GoAbroad | Travel

GoAbroad was founded to bridge the gap between students who want to study abroad and firms that offer foreign programs. However, as the travel industry has progressed and access to opportunities to see the world has expanded, their mission has developed into something much more than building a bridge between travelers and organizations: they have developed and evolved over the past two decades to meet the ever-changing needs of travelers, positioning themselves as the resource for worthwhile travel around the world.

Algarve Digital | Travel

Algarve Digital is a leading online travel guide for the Algarve region in southern Portugal. Everything about the Algarve is covered, including the many towns, beaches, hotels, golf courses, and everything in between. They’re seeking seasoned writers to provide their unique viewpoints and travel-related guest blogs on their site.

Teno Blog | Travel

TenoBlog is a multi-niche blog and one of the most well-known global publications in the internet community in general. They look for the most current and trendy information to share with their readers on various themes such as business, technology, marketing, health, travel, and lifestyle. Small businesses and startups searching for big exposure can take advantage of their advertising alternatives.

Turtle Verse | Travel

TurtleVerse is the Website to read the latest news and information about Technology, SEO, Home Improvement, Web hosting, Health, Beauty, Automation, Software, Career, Real Estate, Travel, Food, Fashion, Finance, Law, Latest games, and Business. You can also submit your idea about the latest news which you want to publish on their website.

Guestblogging. pro | Travel, tech

They accept Guest Posting on their website for all categories. Their forte is health, social media, business, lifestyle, entertainment, news, and more.

Inc Magazine | Finance

Inc., founded in 1979 and acquired by Mansueto Ventures LLC in 2005, is the only big brand devoted completely to owners and managers of expanding private enterprises to provide actual solutions for today’s inventive business builders.

Bigger Pockets | Finance

They provide content, tools, and a community of over 2,000,000 users to assist people in avoiding mistakes, learning vital tips, finding partners, deals, and financing, and making the best possible investment decisions. BiggerPockets works to connect real estate experts, newcomers, and everyone in between together to get the knowledge they need to achieve their full potential.

Money Crashers | Finance

The website strives to educate individuals in making wise choices about credit and debt, investing, education, real estate, insurance, spending, and more.

Oil Price | Finance is the most popular energy news site in the world. Their analysis focuses on Oil and Gas, Alternative Energy, and Geopolitics.

Incomediary | DA 60 | Topics: Make money online

IncomeDiary provides the very best content for web entrepreneurs. With over 400 blog posts, 7 educational courses, and a best-selling software product, we have influenced millions of people worldwide.

Modest Money | DA 54 | Topics: Finance

Ricard Torres is an entrepreneur and investing enthusiast who helps you invest your money smartly. Whether you already invest or you’re thinking about it, at Modest Money, you’re going to learn the most time-tested and no BS strategies.

Money Mini Blog | Finance

MoneyMiniBlog began from an American viewpoint but has since evolved into a worldwide one. The range of themes has also widened. While They began by writing about personal finance, the site has expanded to include a wide range of themes, including money, productivity, self-discipline, developing positive habits, and health, to mention a few.

Health Line | Fitness, health

Healthline covers all facets of physical and mental health openly and objectively. They cut through the confusion with straightforward, expert-reviewed, person-first experiences.

Sports Then & Now | Sports

Sports Then and Now is intended to be a “one-stop-shop” that connects passionate sports fans with the sports news they want to know and the history of the sport they want to remember.

Sports Networker | Sports is the #1 resource online for Sports Business Professionals looking for the latest information on how to take their sports career to the next level. They cover various topics, including Sports Business, Sports Networking, Sports Marketing, Sports Sponsorship, Sports Sales, Sports Events, Sports Technology, Sports Social Media, and How To Land A Job In Sports.

Off the Post | Sports

Off The Post is an excellent football site dedicated to bringing you all the latest news, views, rumor, and humor from the game.

Hupots | Sports

HubSpot helps provide the latest news about the world, technology, new product launch, the latest apps, health tips, travel tips, and many more. Their main purpose for a publication is to keep everyone informed of all the latest news of the world about Technology.

The Fit Fair | Diet, health, fitness

Their target audience, readers, are all the fitness freaks who love to workout, follow healthy diet plans, and are curious about health & fitness info. If you want to share your knowledge, ideas, thoughts, and experience with their readers by contributing an article, you are most welcome.

Ehtix | Fitness

The Ethix Group of enterprises was founded in India with the noble goal of improving patients’ lives by identifying, creating, and distributing life-saving products at reasonable rates. Ethix began as a small marketing firm promoting pharmaceutical products on March 5, 2000, and began manufacturing formulations such as Tablets, Capsules, and Oral Syrups on March 27, 2007. As part of their unwavering commitment to improving patients’ lives, they expand their product portfolio and research and development.

Ayurveda Master | Meditation, yoga

Ayurveda Master has its origins in a long-running Yoga and Kalari practice center that dates back nearly five decades. They’re a group of Ayurveda practitioners, yoga gurus, and scholars that want to spread the word about Ayurveda and Yoga while keeping its original and ancient taste.

Psychology Today | Psychology

Psychology Today is the greatest excellent site for mental health and behavioral science around the globe. It is the world’s first and biggest publishing company dedicated solely to human behavior. Their tagline is “Here to Help,” and the resources you’re using right now are the go-to source for expert-authored psychology and mental health information all around the world.

Life Hack | Self-improvement

The goal at Lifehack is to assist you in overcoming your challenges and turning them into opportunities so that you can live a more purposeful, healthier, and productive life. They’ve helped millions of people around the world alter their lives with their 30,000+ articles, newsletter, and new Expert Course “Life Above Limitations.”

One Green Planet | Environment, Health, Food

One Green Planet is your online guide to making conscious and compassionate choices that help people, animals, and the planet.

Well-BeingSecrets | Well-being

The idea behind is to explain complex ideas in a simple to read and understand language. Each member of the writing team is an expert in his/her own field. To join the team, new members must have proper credentials and expertise. This includes proper education, certification, and experience.

Pick The Brain | Self-improvement

It is a website dedicated to self-improvement with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, and self-education.

Webnshare | Health and fitness

Webnshare is one of the most well-known names in the information sector. It’s a great place to post informative articles and guest posts. In addition, they present the most up-to-date information on Tech News, Tips, Software Reviews, Tricks, Business, Health, Technology, and Fashion in this section.

Colossal | Photography

Colossal is an international forum for contemporary art and visual expression that explores a wide range of creative fields. It has been dubbed the “Tate Modern of the Internet.” They take pride in promoting the work of both young and known artists through a continual dedication to make art accessible to everyone, with an archive of over 6,700 articles written by seven authors. | Music is a well-respected and frequently quoted source for breaking news on a wide range of musicians, from Katy Perry to Kanye West, Lupita Nyong’o to The Ramones, and has been mentioned by Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, BBC Radio, Ricky Gervais, and a slew of other celebrities. It is dedicated to offering the most up-to-date news, videos, reviews, interviews, and visual images, as well as maintaining a thriving community for every entertainment-obsessed web user.

Digital Photography School | Photography

Digital Photography School is one of the most popular and long-running photography blogs on the internet. This isn’t a formal school by any means. There are no lessons, no teachers, and tests; instead, it’s a rigorous and pleasant learning atmosphere where they offer tips and strategies to help you improve your photography in all aspects.

Sonic Bids | Music

Sonicbids is the most popular job board for musicians. Every day, over 25,000 music industry professionals explore Sonicbids for artists to book for live events, licensing opportunities, press features, and other opportunities. Your brand will be featured in those search results simply by signing up and creating a free EPK. Thousands of Sonicbids members have had the chance to perform at iconic festivals and locations all around the world, as well as have their music included in big TV shows and commercials.

Guitar Chalk Magazine | Music

The major purpose of Guitar Chalk magazine is to deliver high-quality information to the guitar and music education communities. You’re invited to write for them and contribute to their online magazine if you consider yourself a guitar or music nerd with useful tips, tricks, learning methods, tactics, or insight into music theory, guitar, or bass.

Urban Adventure | Fishing, camping

If you are a writer/author/ who is interested in outdoor and outdoor products and activities, Urban Adventure is the best place for you to share your story and blog. They cover various topics like fishing, kayaking, survival, boating, paddling, shooting, etc. If you have a passion for adventure and unique content to share, then this just might be it.

SitePoint | Technology

SitePoint is a community for web developers to share their enthusiasm for creating amazing web experiences. SitePoint was founded in 1999 by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz for and by web professionals: developers, designers, programmers, product creators, and entrepreneurs.

Venture Beat | Technology

VentureBeat, which was founded in 2006, is the major source for disruptive technology news and events, providing rich context to assist business leaders in making informed decisions and keep on top of breaking news. In the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, VB is often regarded as the main media authority. It also has the most in-depth coverage of the video gaming business.

Read Write | Technology

ReadWrite aggregates professional communities dedicated to specific subjects of interest such as connected cars, smart homes, AR/VR, fintech, and APIs. They are building the next generation of tech media companies focused on providing relevant information that favors readers’ productivity instead of page views and time on site.

Colocation America | Technology

Colocation America has established itself as one of the most dependable colocation hosting companies in the United States. Colocation America, based in Los Angeles, CA, was designed from the ground up by experienced engineers to provide a fully integrated, reliable colocation hosting service.

Future with tech | Technology

Future with Tech is a technology website dedicated to providing individuals with important information about technology. Furthermore, this website was established to assist tech enthusiasts in obtaining all of the most recent technology-related news worldwide. Different future areas with technology include software, technology, WordPress, web design, mobile, and tablet. As a result, all of the information presented to the audience in these areas is current and accurate.

Digifeast | Technology, gadgets, graphics

Digitfeast is a blog website that launched in January 2019. It was started to share ideas regarding technology, such as tech news, information about the digital world, etc. The major goal is to deliver better information in plain English so that you can grasp it quickly.

Techlila | Technology

It is a famous technology blog where you can find resourceful articles for mastering the basics and beyond. At TechLila, their main goal is to provide unique information, such as quality tips and tricks, tutorials, how-to guides on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, iPhone, Security, and a few miscellaneous sub-topics such as reviews.

Tech Info Today |Technology

They cover the latest technology news and undertake in-depth product research to provide unbiased purchase advice at Tech Today Info. Their goal is to turn their personal enthusiasm for technology into useful buyer’s guides and useful resources for our readers. They also wish to motivate people by discovering and reporting on the most cutting-edge innovations.

High Def Geek | Technology

They love blogging about the latest technology and business news from around the world at HighDefGeek. They’re a tiny group of geeks who enjoy discovering and reviewing the latest gadgets and sharing their opinions with you, as well as keeping up with stocks and shares and offering advice on the next big thing.

Techrado | Technology is the latest tech news and trend around the globe. They cover Gadget, Technology, WordPress, SEO, Apple, Android News, etc.

VogaTech | Technology

It was created to help you quickly get news and information about autos, mobile & gadgets, pc & software, gaming, internet & apps, consumer electronics, travel, and more.

Codersera | Technology

Codersera provides the most cutting-edge technology from the greatest coders in your chosen domain; all of them are dedicated to continual learning and innovation to better your product. With a monthly traffic of 60-70k, at least 35% of it comes from the USA.

Tech Mod | Technology

Techmod focuses on covering tech news, tutorials, gadgets, SEO, and digital marketing. Our main goal is to provide our users with the best information available on the internet.

Tech Gadgets | Technology

Tech gadgets is a Technology and Online Marketing Blog founded by Praveen Kumar and managed by Solitario Group. The Blog focuses on online marketing solutions for startups and their reviews, How-To Guides. Digital Tech Grand | Mobile App

Digital Tech Grand is a Tech and Online Marketing Blog, providing benchmark news, tips, and information related to Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Updates, Google Algorithm updates, IT Trend, Online Business, Latest Technology, Mobile app and many more.

The Encrypt | Cyber Security

The Encrypt articles are a vital source of knowledge to learn more about New Technology Trends, Tech News, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Ethical Hacking, Artificial intelligence, IoT, Information Security, etc.

Forbes | Business

Forbes is a prominent business media company dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we use our numerous platforms to help the world rebuild with equity as its foundation. Their editorial, product, revenue, and corporate teams are dedicated to making the world a better place for everyone, with over two dozen important new DE&I initiatives and increasing sustainability efforts.

Fast Company | Business

Fast Company is the world’s premier business media brand, focusing on technology innovation, leadership, world-changing ideas, creativity, and design in its editorial content. Fast Company is a magazine written for and about the most forward-thinking business leaders. It encourages readers to think big, lead with purpose, embrace change, and create the future of business.

Addicted2Success | Entrepreneurship

Joel Brown, an Australian entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, coach, and author, started Addicted2Success in April 2011 as a digital media/news company. Their purpose is to empower and inspire people throughout the world by disseminating self-development information and life-changing tales. They are also the 2015 SUCCESS Magazine BlogStar Award winners. | Entrepreneurship

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to hit it with “The next big thing,” then is one platform that can help you achieve your dreams.,, and are all part of the family, and over 600,000 new enterprises, as well as 14 million backers, investors, and supporters, have joined them.

Men With Pens | Business

Men with Pens is a full-service website design and development firm that helps clients with everything from strategic website design to engaging copywriting and content to sophisticated WordPress website development for all of their online marketing needs. They’re the boutique team of specialists helping you win the business game. Their combined 30+ years of experience in commercial/online marketing, content development, pro blogging, consumer perception and psychology, graphic design, WordPress customization, and more can assist you.

Entrepreneurship Life | Entrepreneurship

Welcome to Entrepreneurship Life, a resource for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business owners looking for information, advice, resources, and tools to help them establish, run, and develop their companies. Their mission is to teach you about entrepreneurship, business finance, leadership and management, and emerging technology.

A-List Apart | Web Design

In 1997, A List Apart began as a mailing list; then, in 1998, it became a website. Today, they look at digital content design, production, and meaning, focusing on web standards and best practices. Their content is protected by a copyright agreement between the magazine and its contributors, but the code used in articles is open to everybody. They are also open to translation.

Web Designer Depot | Web Design

The leading community for web designers and developers is WebdesignerDepot. They take pleasure in providing high-quality content on cutting-edge design themes. What makes WDD so fantastic is its reader community. Knowledge, tips, techniques, and praise are shared, resulting in a welcoming, lively, and resourceful network.

Inspiration Feed | Web Design

Inspirationfeed is a resource for creative businesses and freelancers interested in broadening their horizons and honing their talents. Quotes, financial worth, self-development, entrepreneurship, business, technology, design, and creativity are all covered. Quality above quantity is their slogan, and they produce informative pieces every week to educate, inspire, and enhance your life.

InstantShift | Web Design

InstantShift is the foremost design and inspiration community for online designers and developers. It provides daily resources, inspiration, and premium web design and development to web designers and developers. If you wish to write an article for instant shift about a design-related topic, then you can get in touch with them using a form provided on their website.

Crazy Leaf Design | Web Design

Established in 2006, Crazy Leaf Design is a group of designers, bloggers, consultants, and developers who want to inspire others. They’re known as visualizers, are pixel pushers and code ninjas who create distinctive websites that are functional, standards-compliant, and aesthetically pleasing.

SNK Creations | Web Design

SNK Creation is a leading developing and IT solutions company that offers digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO Services India, web design, advertising & promotion, online marketing, blogger, banner design, Facebook & Instagram marketing, and business listings. They offer highly professional & specialist services of Digital marketing worldwide.

Shawn DeWolfe Consulting | Web Design

The websites of Shawn DeWolfe Consulting (SDC) are designed to be durable, responsive, socially enabled, and user-friendly. They’re made with both style and functionality in mind. Under the hood, the code is developed to assure cross-browser compatibility, security, and SEO friendliness by adhering to the most recent web standards. In today’s digital world, your company’s web presence is likely to be the most important determinant of its success. With Shawn DeWolfe consulting, you can be assured that your most important business asset is in capable hands.

TechPlanet Today | Web Design

TechPlanet publishes articles on all levels of technology, hardware, software, programming, or anything else that could be related to Tech. If you think that your content is unique and valuable to readers, then TechPlanet Today can provide you with a wide and quality reader base.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a straightforward idea: you give content to someone else’s site in exchange for visibility and an external link. It benefits both parties, and your network of other bloggers allows you to develop new contacts that may prove useful in the future. It may also assist you in indirectly expanding your presence on social media networks. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that guest posting sites are also quite hesitant to accept a blog article. They analyze a slew of things before publishing a blog on their websites.

What are the benefits of Guest Posting?

#1 Helps you receive more traffic

Most people are interested in guest writing for a variety of reasons, one of which is traffic. It is not an exaggeration to claim that most individuals devote their time and effort to it because of the high-quality leads it generates. If their audience finds your content creative and entertaining, they will visit your website if you post it on guest posting platforms. You will experience an increase in traffic to your website if you provide high-quality content to other people’s websites. Speaking in simplest terms, a guest post can increase traffic and conversions to your website.

#2 It allows you to network easily

Seeking guest posting sites will help you expand your network and develop significant relationships with your industry colleagues. Everyone understands that cultivating mutual relations in the industry is beneficial to your business. You may engage with them regularly, learn from them, and, most significantly, assist one another. And what better way to do that than by guest posting? You could get to understand the site owners and establish strong business contacts by guest posting.

#3 Helps you with brand awareness

Do you want people to recognize your content? Then, guest posting is perfect for you. When you post on guest posting sites, you have a chance to reach their audience and present them with a preview of your content, blog, or website. This is one of the brilliant methods to build your brand. Writing on such popular sites will showcase your ideology, thought process, and skills. And if a reader finds your content intriguing, they may visit your website, social media and become your loyal follower. So, place all your focus on creating the best content, and the rest will follow you.

Process of reaching out for a guest post

#1 Do a thorough research

An article can be rejected for a myriad of purposes. It could be due to the poor quality of the content. Failure to meet the site owner’s standards. Content that is inappropriate or does not meet the requirements of the audience. Keep in mind that if you would like your guest post to be accepted, you must create content that the viewers of the other website will love. As a result, you must conduct research. Examine the site you’re interested in and read the stuff it has to offer. Recognize their target audience and the type of information they publish on their page. So, before you begin working on your article, the first and most critical step is to complete your research.

#2 Come up with a catchy headline

Tons of pitches are sent to guest posting sites every day. If you don’t want your email to be lost in the shuffle, the first thing you need to do is come up with a catchy subject line. The only info the site owner may see is your subject line, aside from your email address. As a result, make it as unique and intriguing as possible because first impressions are crucial. Spend over 75% of your time on the subject line and the remainder on your pitch. If you’ve wowed them with a title, there’s a good chance they’ll read your email.

#3 Give them the best options

The most crucial aspect of any guest post pitch is your ideas. This is where it all begins. From this moment on, a lot of things can go wrong or right. As a result, you must first conduct research and generate as many ideas as feasible. Remember that if you propose ideas that have previously been published on the sites, your pitch will very certainly be rejected. The only method to prevent it is to conduct extensive research. Create a list of all the themes you want to write about. Then look through the content of the blogs to check if they’ve already written on the subject you’ve chosen. You’ll get a better understanding of the types of material they’re more inclined to accept this way.

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