How Twitter Helps Boost Your Website’s SEO

Does Twitter really help you improve your website SEO? Learn the answer in this article.

Five years ago, Twitter agreed with Google to make its 140-character tweets more searchable online. Google was formally granted direct access to Twitter’s full stream of tweets, widely known as “Firehose.” Now they increased the character limit per tweet 280 chars.

It was not the first deal between the two companies, so everybody was curious about how it would differ from the previous one. The CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, explained briefly that the main idea of the current agreement was to convert people who are not logged-into Twitter more effectively.

Sharing “Firehose” is beneficial for all searchers as it is a unique way to get news quickly. The collaboration provides Google with access to the Twitter stream, enabling the search engine in its search results to index tweets. It gives Twitter a vital role in the optimization of search engines.

Moreover, the feedback shown in the SERPs is a great benefit. The agreement was advantageous to Twitter itself because it increased the number of logged-out users to its site by ten times, evidently increasing the number from 7.5 million to 75 million per month.

Using Twitter properly can improve your brand’s search engine rankings by tweeting or posting on the app. Twitter lets you create a significant following and increase brand awareness through consistent exposure on the platform. The greater the brand recognition you get, the more organic searches you gain for your brand.

Let’s look at how Twitter can boost your search presence and, ultimately, your SEO rankings:

Ways that Twitter Can Boost Your SEO 

#1 Extensive Promotion

In terms of promotion, Twitter definitely delivers. The way the platform is set spells promotion in big, bold letters. 

With Twitter posts and advertisements, it is easy for you to jumpstart your social media presence, get exposure and leads, and grow your website via clickthroughs from the app. 

It is via these clickthroughs that you can increase your website’s SEO ranking. The keywords or tags you use on your site can be repeated on your posts, called “tweets” on Twitter. You can even create posts that integrate trending tags, especially those that coincide with your niche. 

Twitter hashtags work the same way as SEO keywords. Twitter keywords can boost your profile the way SEO keywords boost your site and improve your brand’s discoverability through your website and social media platforms. 

You can use multiple hashtags in one tweet, so be strategic in what hashtags to target, so it helps you rank for the keywords you are targeting through your site. 

Incorporate different content types to make your tweets more dynamic and current on Twitter. For an app that capitalizes on trends, it will be amiss for you to get left behind. You can use images, videos, infographics, and even retweet other content you think will help your audiences. 

It’s all about adding value to your followers. They know if you are hard-selling your product, service, or brand. You risk the possibility of turning followers sour when you hard-sell on an app that’s supposed to be entertaining, informative, and valuable for them.

So, promote your brand wisely without overdoing it, just like you would on your SEO campaigns for your website. 

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#2 Compelling Twitter Bios can Boost Your Social Presence.

Audiences nowadays do not have time to consume long content. It’s good to include such in your website, but use your social media platforms to create nuggets of your web content. Twitter is a great place to do that, but you need to increase your game, too, in creating your Twitter bio.

You are not the only website posting the kind of content you post, so your Twitter bio can be the one that separates you from the pack.

Being unique and creative in crafting your profile or bio. It would be best if you were consistent with your branding, but you can play around in your bio and make it as compelling and interesting as you can. 

It would help if you advertised your Twitter username, tweets, and tags to build a following on Twitter. Aim to get verified on Twitter as well, so you gain credibility among your followers and encourage other users to follow you. 

#3 Better Audience Targeting

Twitting without targeting your audiences is not fully maximizing what this platform can do for your content. 

Ensure that you always target your posts to the right audiences, so it comes up before the right people, who will most likely like your content, engage, and even share. 

Make your keywords or hashtags dynamic and incorporate combinations of your main keywords and long-tail keywords, divided into multiple tweets in a day or a week. 

You can also carry over the analytics on your Twitter to your website. It helps you in lead generation and to get accurate analytics for content assessment. 

#4 Extends the Reach of Your Content via Engagements and Social Sharing

When Google sees your website’s strong social signals, it rates your website as a reliable resource for the search keywords your content is vying for. 

Twitter is a top choice for a social media platform to boost your website because of its active users’ wide range. It currently has more than 330 million monthly active users, who are known to engage more, comment more, and amplify social sharing opportunities via retweets and mentions. 

Staggering engagements and retweets may not come overnight, but you will increase your chances of ranking high on the platform if you consistently post and engage. 

Audiences who follow you, and those that discover your tweets or profile, will not hesitate to retweet your content if it is relevant, entertaining, and trustworthy for them to tweet to their own set of followers, who have followers of their own. 

This massive opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing at no added expense is a very effective lead generation strategy, increasing your traffic and improving your conversions. 

#5 Maximize Your Cornerstone Content via Twitter Posts

If you have cornerstone or evergreen content that you want to maximize, you can do so with Twitter. You can select portions of your content to tweet, carefully selecting those containing your main or secondary keywords. 

You can pull out quotes from your article, or facts and other high-quality research. You can even create a series of images or an infographic that contains the gist or some vital information you want your audience to know about. 

Generating several tweets out of one content is indeed a wise use of your high-quality content. You can do so with Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn, but not as many times as allowed by Twitter, before being regarded as a spam account by other platforms. 

You can use several CMS tools, like Buffer, SEMrush Social Media Poster, or Hootsuite, to schedule your posts in one go. But it’s ideal to do it one to two weeks at a time since trends or hashtags often change in popularity. It is best that you also stay updated and produce fresh content in line with the recent trends. 

#6 Retweets Double Your Traffic

One of Twitter’s most unique features is how easy it is to echo content within and beyond the platform. Twitter’s retweets make for good repetition, as it extends your reach and helps establish your brand’s profile. You can also engage your audiences to retweet your posts, as social sharing is a common practice on the Twitter app.

Some tweets even “break” Twitter. Just imagine if your hashtags become viral on the app. It will definitely bring traffic to your profile, and ultimately, to your website. 

#7 Adding Images and Video Increases Clickthroughs

Tweets that come with images get 18% more clicks than regular tweets. It significantly improves your SEO ranking via clickthroughs you get when audiences click images linked to your site. 

Video increases social shares because 82% of Twitter audiences consume videos within the app. It is why you need to integrate video content into your scheduled tweets as well. It makes your content more dynamic, something that Twitter audiences would be delighted to click and share away. The more successfully you do this, the more you’ll see your ROI grow. 

Produce stunning videos like a pro with tools such as Adobe Premiere, which has a quick-edit mode for beginners. You can also try to create and edit your video on Adobe Photoshop.

Conclusion: Maximize the Use of Twitter to Boost Your SEO

Twitter has become more popular in the pandemic, thanks to its content format that makes it easier for audiences to get information quickly. And since the tie-up with Google, you can maximize this added benefit of extending your keyword reach through your Twitter presence. 

What’s amazing is that you can divide portions of your content or campaign, tweeting them several times in a day, at the most profitable times, meaning when your audiences are most active. This repetition method amplifies content awareness and prolongs the life of your blogs and other content. 

In addition, getting followers on Twitter is easy, just as long as you keep churning useful and entertaining posts. So, get with your content or creative team, and craft your own Twitter strategies to tie up your SEO goals.

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