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How to Boost Leads for Your B2B Business Through LinkedIn?

Do you want to learn how LinkedIn can skyrocket your business leads? This article will explain step by step strategic approach to do it.

Top-quality b2b leads are the prerequisite for any business. Without leads, no business can scale-up in the market.

So, when you are in the B2B business, generating quality leads becomes a crucial task. With the changing times, the process of generating leads has undergone a massive transformation and changes. Still, the process for B2B lead generation is a bit challenging than for B2C. 

The reason is, Businesses don’t care what you are offering; they are interested in how your services can help them. So, to strive in such a highly competitive market, it’s vital to devise a compelling strategy using suitable platforms that can help you generate maximum top-quality leads.

One way is to stick to traditional marketing tactics. But as the world is going online, these strategies are becoming obsolete. Social Media is replacing traditional lead generation methods quickly.

Among all the Social Media platforms, LinkedIn has proven to be a near-perfect platform for B2B lead generation. Multiple kinds of research suggest that more than 90% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as their go-to option for lead generation.

These researches also indicate that more than 80% of leads generated using Social Media come from LinkedIn, and more than 60% of traffic on corporate websites comes from LinkedIn.

But there is a catch! 

It’s not possible to start generating leads instantly after you start using LinkedIn. There is a lot to learn. You will need to test multiple strategies before you hit the bull’s eye.

In this piece of information, I will explain how you can churn out maximum leads using the LinkedIn platform. 

Let’s get going

Steps for a Compelling LinkedIn strategy of B2B lead generation

  • Create a LinkedIn page for your business

This is a brainer. To start generating leads using LinkedIn, you will need a LinkedIn page first. I would recommend customizing your LinkedIn account in a way that can prompt visitors to take action. 

Add an attractive header image that grabs the reader’s attention. This can help you engage the visitor in the early stage. The header image can be anything that will compel the visitor to stay a bit more on the page and keep reading.

Craft a simple yet clear message in the description. Remember, the description should be lucrative enough to generate the interest of the reader. Explain what services do you offer and how you can help. 

  • Get upgraded features 

Look, nothing good comes for free. You can’t unleash the full potential of LinkedIn without investing something in it. Get add-ons like Inmail, premium search filters, and other features by upgrading to the Premium. 

This will help boost your online visibility and much more leverage. 

  • A showcase page can be helpful.

LinkedIn offers an option to create a Showcase page to promote personal brands. You can use this feature to connect with a targeted audience for developing long-term relationships with them. 

You can create s Showcase page that targets a particular audience with relevant information. You can display particular services to help this targeted audience, improving your chance to convert your visitor into a customer. 

With Showcase Pages, you can connect with the people that matter to your business and filter out all the chaos. 

  • Thoroughly Research Your Prospects

LinkedIn offers unmatched service to help you identify and connect with a specific type of audience. With the advance search option, you can filter your search by Industry, Location, Past Company, Current Company, Profit Language, and Non-profit interest. 

Advanced Search is one of the most potent tools that LinkedIn offers to connect with a relevant audience. A wider network and meaningful connections can help you generate more targeted B2B leads.

  • Save your searches

You won’t get leads from the day you start researching your prospects. You will have to do the tough job continuously!

So when you come across a good profile while doing targeted research, save your Search. This feature is beneficial as you can connect with the profile later. 

  • Connect with your potential customers in various groups

Target groups where potential customers often hang out and engage them with thoughtful comments, suggestions, and referrals. 

You will be amazed to know that word-of-mouth is a leading factor that drives sales for B2B marketing on LinkedIn. Be active by posting something meaningful at least once a week. Regular posting keeps your peers aware of your presence. So when someone needs a service that you offer, your connections will refer you promptly. 

  • Start your group.

As discussed above, Groups are an excellent way to connect with a meaningful audience. But how about creating your group? 

Joining with multiple groups connect you with similarly minded networks. Once you identify a target audience, you create your group. 

You can do this simply by going to the Group section and clicking the option of “Create a new group.” Enter the necessary information, and you are good to go! 

Remember; avoid direct advertising in your group. Establish yourself as the leader and persuasive authority in the market through informative and useful content

  • Present yourself as a Human Being

Instead of a monotonous sales pitch, people prefer an emotional appeal and human touch. Connect with your potential customer as a Human Being and not some Automated Machine. 

Establish yourself as a market leader by posting informative content, participating in meaningful conversations and status updates. 

Keeps an eye on people visiting your profile regularly… They pay your regular visits means they are interested in what you offer or what you express. This can be an excellent source of B2B leads. 

  • Publish Quality Content

I don’t remember how many times I have quoted Bill Gates, “Content is King.” But the fact remains unchanged even after so many years. Publishing quality content for a Business on LinkedIn is of paramount importance.

When you publish premium content, you prompt people to come to you. This is the ultimate form of the inbound marketing strategy! Instead of targeting people who may or may not need your service, you draw people interested in your content and, thus, services. 

You can publish inspiring stories of your brand, why you created your brand, and how can you help people with your services. 

  • Use relevant Hashtags and tag relevant profiles.

Hashtags are an excellent way to fuel your inbound marketing strategies. Although they originated on Twitter, they are widely used on various Social Media platforms, including LinkedIn. 

Using hashtags can be very helpful in categorizing a specific set of keywords. People can quickly locate your content while searching for relevant hashtags. Relevant hashtags can boost positively boost your B2B lead generation ability.

Tagging relevant companies and people is also a great way of grabbing attention. When you tag a person or a company, they will get a notification, and you will be able to grab their attention quickly.  

But as with all the other strategies, don’t overdo these two. Adding too many hashtags or tagging too many profiles can irritate the reader, and they might bounce away. 2 to 3 hashtags per post are enough. 

  • Engagement is the key.

Everyone likes appreciation. When you respond to someone in a positive way, it makes them feel special. Such a response also triggers a human conversation. You don’t have to write a load of appreciating message; just a Thank you is enough!

When you interact with readers, it sends a positive message about your brand. These readers themselves share your content with others in their network. This, in turn, boosts your content visibility and helps you generate more leads.

  • Paid ads can be helpful.

Optimizing your content and LinkedIn page for organic reach ultimately has some limitations. So using paid ads as a comprehensive LinkedIn B2B lead generation strategy can come to your aid. 

‘To optimize your LinkedIn Page for paid ads and reap its benefits. 

Conclusive thoughts

B2B lead generation through LinkedIn demands a lot of hard work and dedication. But the hard work is worth it as the quality of lead generated through LinkedIn is way higher than any other platform. 

Connecting with the relevant audience, posting quality content, and engaging people with a human touch are excellent ways to boost your lead generation ability using LinkedIn.

The strategy that I have discussed here is broad. Every business is different, and so are its needs. It’s also possible that some of the points mentioned above might not work as expected for your business. So it’s the onus on you to craft a precise B2B lead generating strategy for your business using the above framework. 

Although LinkedIn can help you greatly to expand your business significantly, it’s not a magic wand. You will have to spend time on it, mastering the necessary skills. 

You might not get expected results instantly, but you will keep learning once you start, and results will keep improving. 

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