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20 Tips to Build Your Instagram Followers Organically

Wondering how to build your Instagram followers organically? 

These 20 tips are all you need.

Now you might be thinking, why are these tips important? 

Growing Instagram followers organically would only allow you to reach great heights.

We will fly over 20 tips and tricks, all tried and tested. 

They need no bots, no penny, no automation, and shady tactics. 

However, it would be best to be patient and consistent with these tips. 

With Instagram, slow and steady only win the race.

Fasten your seat belts; we are ready for take-off!

Tip #1: Create And Post Engaging Content

Tip #1: Create And Post Engaging Content

Do you know what bridges the gap between you and your Instagram followers? 

Engaging content!

It is the first rule to Build your Instagram followers attention and organic followers.

You can follow the tips mentioned here to make your mark on Instagram.

Tip #2: Create Audience Related Content

Social media audience has become smarter than ever, and you cannot lure them without creating and posting content they cannot relate with.

So next time, when you design content, keep your Instagram followers demands in mind.

Tip #3: Upload Video Content

The majority of social media users connect with video content. 

Live video is another way to engage and interact with your followers. 

For example, you can spread the word of you going LIVE via Instagram stories or personal DMs.

You can also request your followers to ask their community to join or excite them by announcing a giveaway at the end of the live video.

It will bring you more Instagram followers than ever before.

Tip #4: Share Stories

Even though the lifespan of an Instagram story is 24 hours, it helps you bring a great share of engagement. 

It lets your Instagram followers know more about your brand, work, or life.

Tip #5: Start Networking

Tip #5: Start Networking

Can you think of any brick-and-mortar store that has survived the heavy competition and had a huge customer base without networking?

Because we can’t!

To survive huge competition online, you must treat Instagram like a real business

It will also allow you to attract new and organic followers. 

And what do savvy Instagram profiles do to get the edge? 

They network. 

What are you waiting for?

Start connecting with people!

Tell them you love their work and start following them. 

You can always ask them to follow you back if they adore your profile as you adored them.

For instance, if you own a fashion store, reach out to profiles in the same category.

Tip #6: Use The Right Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtags play a crucial role in attracting organic followers on Instagram, but you must tick the following boxes right before attaching hashtags to your post. 

Using relevant and post-related hashtags will help you build the same interest group community. 

Tip #7: Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags

Tip #7: Don't Use Too Many Hashtags

Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags to any post. 

However, this does not oblige you to use all of them.

A hashtag overuse can turn visitors away. 

Instead, you can use between 5 to 10 hashtags relevant to your post.

Tip #8: Be Consistent With The Hashtag Place

There are many different ways to place your hashtags. 

For example, you can use them in or after the caption like Lego does or in the comment section like Grammarly

The key here is to keep the look and feel consistent throughout your Instagram feed.

Tip #9: Post Consistently

To boost your Instagram reach, followers, and engagement rate, you have to be consistent with your posts and stories. 

Wondering how!?

According to studies, 1-2 posts daily attract eyeballs to your content. 

It also helps your feed to stay fresh and relevant.

Tip #10: Post On The Right Time

Now you might be wondering what’s the right time to post. 

Well, the Instagram algorithm can help you with that. 

The algorithm allows you to check when maximum visitors are checking your feed. 

You can, however, always experiment with the time, and once you know what time brings you, maximum visitors stick to that time.

Tip #11: Make Your Competitor’s Followers Your Own

If you think stealing is a zero-sum transaction for social media where one loses the followers and the other gains them, think again!

You can always visit your competitor’s profile to check their real follower list and engage with them. 

You can also request the followers visit your profile and follow back if they love the content.

So, don’t look any further; start gaining followers by leveraging your competitor’s social media networks.

Note: The profile you visit must be real, consistent, and share content in the same niche as you do.

Tip #12: Follow, Like, And Comment!

Maintaining loyal and organic followers on Instagram has always been a two-way street.

When you follow someone’s profile, like, and comment on their posts, they’re likely to follow you back with the same enthusiasm. 

Let’s understand this better with an example. 

Take any 300 relevant and real Instagram users. 

Follow the first 100 and do nothing. 

For the next 100, follow them and double tap to like their content.

For the remaining 100, follow, like, and comment on their content.

Post that check the follow back rate with each method. 

While the first method will have the least follow back rate, the last will bring you about 30% followers.

It also makes sense.

The more you engage with your users, the more likely they will return the favour.

Another organic method of operation brings more followers to your account. You first like and comment on any piece of content and then follow them.

Wondering, where do you find these users? 

You can find them by browsing hashtags or even your competitors’ followers. 

Tip #13: Create A Unique Instagram Grid

Tip #13: Create A Unique Instagram Grid

What’s the first thing your Instagram followers notices when they visit your profile?

Your Instagram aesthetic!

But what makes an Instagram aesthetic pleasing?

It’s the colours, layout, and tone of the page!

Yea, yea, I know all of it! But creating an aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid is not as easy as it sounds —you may say!

If you think so, we’re here to help!

  • Use one filter throughout the grid

It doesn’t necessarily mean you should use filters available on Instagram. 

Though they are great, you can also use third-party applications to decorate your content.

  • Take colour seriously

There’s nothing more important than colours that influence your potential followers. 

Instead, please choose a colour that reflects your brand and stick to it throughout.

Tip #14: Tap Into The Instagram Reel World

Tip #14: Tap Into The Instagram Reel World

Reels have taken the Instagram world by storm in no time. 

They are a treat for eyes and ears, and we can binge on them for hours. 

And the best part about reels is they appear in the feed of masses. 

With reels, you can reach an audience beyond your Instagram followers list. 

To get the most out of reels, you can use trending music, relevant hashtags, and screen text (for viewers watching without music).

Tip #15: Join An Instagram Engagement Group

The easiest way to attract followers is to join an engagement group. 

For the unversed, an engagement group is a group of people who help one another boost engagement rate by liking, commenting, and sharing their work. 

The engagement groups have their rule book, and everyone in the group has to follow the rules to get the most out of it. 

What’s even better?

The bigger the group, the better the promotion, the more organic followers!


Tip #16: Engage With Your Existing Followers

If you think what’s the need to engage with the existing followers, they are here to stay; we want you to stop right there.

Once they become your followers, they will always follow your account. 

You do one wrong thing, and they will leave your community in no time.

Maybe forever! 🙁

Thus it becomes imperative to engage with them.

But how!? 

  • You can conduct a Q&A session
  • Dropping in their DM
  • Appreciating them for taking out their time to like your work

Engaging with your existing followers will naturally bring new and organic followers through word-of-mouth marketing.

Tip #17: Host An Instagram Contest

Tip #17: Host An Instagram Contest

Who doesn’t like to participate in a contest with exciting rewards?

Sure everyone does!

For bringing organic followers, you can host different contests on your Instagram profile.

For instance: You can ask your existing followers to tag three friends to participate in the contest. 

It will bring more eyeballs to your Instagram profile and eventually more followers.

Isn’t it great! 

Tip #18: Advertise On Instagram

Tip #18: Advertise On Instagram

Though we promised we wouldn’t put any tip here in this article that asks you to spend a penny, we will do that. And we’re guilty of it!

But it’s such a powerful tip that we couldn’t resist doing so!

If you’re not tight on budget, you can take the route of Instagram ads. 

They will allow your profile to appear everywhere— in the feed, stories, and explore tab!

It will help you gain Instagram followers and ultimately more organic followers.

Tip #19: Monitor Your Instagram Following Over Time

Monitoring your Instagram profile from time to time will help you get a better understanding of:

  • The likings and dislikings of your Instagram followers, 
  • What post brought maximum followers to the account, 
  • What’s the right time to post, and 
  • How effectively does your account communicate the message with the Instagram followers?

Tip #20: Don’t Go Overboard

It’s human nature to overdo things that bring us results. 

Trust us; it does more harm than good. 

So don’t go overboard with any of the above tactics and techniques that bring you results. 

Remember, you’re doing great! And your followers love you for that!

Happy landing!

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