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7 Best Practices for Facebook and Instagram Marketing 2020

One of the greatest inventions of this generation is the creation of the internet. You can use the internet to even get the smallest things. Today we want to share the best practices for Facebook and Instagram marketing in 2020.

We live in a modern world full of highly advanced devices that carry technology that we only saw in movies a few years ago. Almost all of us have a smartphone or a smart device that helps connect to our loved ones and can do much more. The greatest invention of this generation is the creation of the internet.

The Internet calls us to connect to multiple people thus allowing communication. Share information and store data as well. Most of the communication through the internet is possible due to different social media platforms. To name a few renewed social media are Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

Nowadays social media can also be used for marketing purposes. Most of this online marketing is done through Facebook and Instagram.

Today we want to share the best practices for Facebook and Instagram marketing in 2020.

Swipe-Up Links

On Instagram, there is a feature that allows Instagram users to see and visit your site without much hassle. When your account has at least 10000 followers on Instagram you will be able to use swipe-up Links. With Swipe-up Links whenever you post a story you will have to insert a Links. These links can be of almost any sort such as product buy page, your companiesโ€™ homepage, and much more. You can use this feature for your marketing strategies. For example, You manufacture handbags. You can just upload a story of a new design of a handbag that is up for sale. With swipe-up Links in your story can directly go on your buy pages. The image below shows how you can add a swipe-up link to your story.

1-Swipe-Up Links in instagram storyhow Swipe-Up Links works in instagram

So what are the benefits of Swipe-up Links? First, people can easily buy your product. Second, you get more sales achieved and more people view your new bag design. Third, people are saved from the copied product that mimics your brand. Almost 1 billion people use Instagram every month which can potential customers if you approach them right.

Social Influencer Continuation

Influencer advertising isn’t one of our new 2020 web-based life patterns, however, it is one that is going to remain for some time. Internet-based life is commanded by influencers who are getting paid to advance brands. The appropriation is demonstrated by the sheer ascent in the number of influencers via web-based networking media and the expansion in promoting spend on influencer advertising by organizations.

Putting resources into influencers is a lot less expensive than running paid promotion crusades and conveys positive outcomes. Advertisers are teaming up with 1-2 influencers, however, are working with an entire system of little, applicable, specialty, and even nearby influencers. This flood in influencer commitment accompanies an admonition, however. Online buyers are showing signs of improvement at tracking down phony influencers or advancements and will maintain a strategic distance from commitment in the event that they accept the data to be deceitful.

Advertisers and organizations would be insightful to search out “brand envoys” or individuals who love the brand and put stock in the force it holds. To learn more about your social influence read this blog about How Micro-Influencer Marketing Empower Your Website SEO.

Respond To Negative Views

Both Facebook and Instagram are two of the big social media platforms that people check for reviews for the product. Just consider that your product is looked at by a person. He/She checks the internet for a view on the specific product. To view that review he/she visits your social media page and see some hateful comments about the product. After reading the comment the expected customer decides not to buy the product due to those bad reviews.

As you can see in the example you are just a viable customer. This cycle of losing customers will go on until you handle them the right way. Whenever you get a bad comment either you delete (Not recommended) or respond to it (recommend). However, know that you can just respond to them correctly. Tell them what could be reasons why he/she and tell them that we will try to fix it. When these foreign people who visit your page can acknowledge that you listen to the customer. Plus, that gains extra confidence in your brand thus encouraging more towards you.

Here is an illustration of the practice performed by the Coca-Cola company.

4-Respond To Negative Views - Facebook marketing

Consider another example, You run a writing company. Your company posted an advertisement for academic writing services. A person interested in buying your services opens your Facebook page to check reliability. He/she has some reviews of not getting their work on time.

At this time this potential customer is hesitant to book an order with a writing company due to delays. If this review had a reply from your side explaining to the user that you had a shortage of writers due to covid19 or even you were offered a full refund can change the situation a lot.

An Average Instagram user uses Instagram for at least 28 minutes. If we consider 28 minutes is enough to read all your bad reviews.

4-Respond To Negative Views

Postpositive Customer Reviews

Both Facebook and Instagram are places that people look on to for advice and guidance. You can easily get customers by posting attractive and positive customer reviews or pictures. For further explanation take this. You run Furniture Company providing Italian wood furniture at your doorsteps. Now you begin posting images or stories of people buying your products and having awesome furniture setup with your product.

As people view your post that also wants to have the same setup thus buying your product to complete their setups. There are tons of companies that already do it. One of the major ones is RAZER. They daily repost Stories of their customers enjoying their product.

6-Postpositive Customer Reviews

@razer – Instragram

Building Internet-Based Community

While sharing posts that you accept your intended interest group will appreciate is a piece of keeping up your internet based life nearness, you likewise need to support and develop cooperation that is in excess of a straightforward like or offer.

There are plenty of brands out there who apparently have enormous web-based social networking followings but then, when you look all the more carefully at singular posts, their commitment levels are nearly non-existent. Those brands that are seeing greater guarantee from their supporters are doing as such by building links around their element.

It is not essentially the case that systems are another idea, nevertheless, they are being operated by brands in various etiquettes, which is recompensing off and will probably keep on performing as such as we head into 2020.

While social networks are anything but another idea, how brands manufacture them is changing the manner in which we collaborate with them. There are numerous brands, both B2C and B2B, which have huge followings with no genuine commitment. The primary concern is your online nearness ought to extend your range, to eventually drive more transformations.

First of all, it’s vital to quantify your endeavors and keep in contact with your crowd. Web-based life suites are an extraordinary method to see everything in one spot, from present creation and circulation on checking and investigation. Make sense of what’s working and so forth don’t be reluctant to turn and have a go at something new.

Building an internet-based community from your profiles is only the beginning, all things considered, making a gathering and having individuals join is no assurance that they will lock-in. You likewise need to make content that makes them talk, supports discussions and develops that sentiment of the network. Doing so can keep individuals drawn in with your image yet additionally acquire new leads and clients while likewise including a human, customized component to your image?

Round Out Your Social Profiles

Each social profile you use ought to have as much business data as a possible hold. Rather than responding to clients’ inquiries, again and again, they will have the option to discover the data all alone, leaving you allowed to deal with all the more squeezing business issues. On Instagram and Twitter, that implies as much as possible fit into the little profile area.

On Facebook, there’s a ton of space to get more nitty-gritty. Incorporate contact data, connections to your top-rated items or administrations, and long stretches of activity. Just think to yourself would you consider a brand reliable or origin if the brand about page is empty. We sure wouldnโ€™t trust them. So go complete your page on the Facebook page as shown in the image below if you havenโ€™t written a proper one for them.

8-Round Out Your Social Profiles

Use Hashtags Wisely

Despite the fact that a few stages, like Instagram, permit several hashtags in a post, don’t abuse them in business content. A couple is generally worthy of Twitter. Utilize close to 10 on Instagram. Else, it would seem that you’re frantically looking for consideration.

9-Use Hashtags Wisely

The vast majority don’t utilize hashtags on Facebook or Pinterest, so on the off chance that you do, it’ll seem as though you’re withdrawn. Continuously research hashtags you’re not totally sure about. Else, you could incidentally utilize a hostile hashtag without acknowledging it.


  • Swipe-up Links
  • Social Influencer Continuation
  • Respond to negative views
  • Postpositive customer reviews
  • Building internet-based community
  • Round Out Your Social Profiles
  • Use Hashtags Wisely

Some Extra practices that might be helpful for you are listed below;

  • Use of Chatbots
  • Use of Voice Chats
  • Facebook Ad placement
  • Live videos in your social media


These are the best practices for Facebook and Instagram marketing that have to start using today. We hope you see the positive impact on the brand with their practices. Before we leave we want to implement all this. You need ample of time. This might affect your work and family work a lot. Any big work such as dissertation writing might not be completed due to it. Take help from an expert to eliminate all your dissertation tension. Lastly, take care of yourself and good luck with achieving all your marketing errands.

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