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15 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Digital Marketing in 2022

With rapid digitalization and the spread of the Internet around the world, the ease of doing business is improving drastically. The Internet has opened a window of opportunities for all sectors globally. Moreover, some industries such as IT and services, E-Commerce, and many more are web-dependent, meaning these businesses entirely rely on the Internet. 

As the population with access to the Internet keeps increasing, the ways a business or product is marketed amongst potential customers are also changing. Today with rapid changes in the world as more and more things are becoming internet-ready, digital marketing, also known as internet marketing, has emerged as the best marketing method. 

It’s been anticipated that the global digital marketing and advertising market will reach US$786.2 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 13.9%. This is a considerable rise in digital marketing market size compared to US$350 billion reported in 2020,

A well-researched and rightly executed digital marketing campaign can do wonders for your business when it comes to lead generations, lead conversions, and sales. This post will enlighten you with 15 simple tricks to help you drive a successful digital marketing campaign.

15 Tricks for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign 

#1 Know your target audience and learn about their interests

Whether traditional or digital, learning about the target audience and their interests should be the most crucial step for any marketing campaign. A campaign should be curated, keeping in mind the target audience’s needs and interests for an audience-oriented campaign. 

The main objective behind a digital marketing campaign is always to attract more customers towards a business. Hence, preparing a buyer’s persona and crafting the campaign around it is a first step towards driving a customer-oriented campaign. This practice will surely help attract genuine buyers, resulting in a successful campaign.

#2 Aim to boost personalization

Personalization has always been a key factor in influencing audience mindset and converting leads generated into actual customers. Personalized campaigns include shaping the marketing drive, keeping in mind customers’ needs and interests pertaining to a particular demographic. Personalization has proved itself to be a customer trust-building practice for businesses.

Companies are heavily investing in personalization, and it has been seen that heavily personalized campaigns prove to be more successful than those lacking personalization. In a survey conducted by Accenture, it was found that poor personalization and lack of trust led to a loss of approximately $756 billion for U.S. organizations in 2016. The primary reason behind the loss was that around 41% of customers switched companies.

#3 Improve social media presence and tactics 

Social media is emerging as a very powerful tool in the advertising and digital marketing world. Popular social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram have proved very effective in digital marketing campaigns. Campaign curators must improvise their social media marketing strategies and tactics to include platforms like Tiktok, which have become an epicenter of advertising and attracting potential customers.

To use these platforms and their perks in digital marketing to the fullest, the curators need to devise strategies that involve marking the organization’s social media presence on all the leading social media platforms. This will help your campaign reach a larger audience.

#4 Use the right keywords 

Search engine optimization and SEO ranking are crucial for any digital marketing campaign. Keywords play a significant role in improving your posts’ SEO ranking. Though they sound simple and barely cover a substantial part of blog content, keywords are effective tools in digital marketing. 

For any business the primary SEO goal is to drive traffic from search engine result pages(SERPs) to their website. But at what position your post appears on SERP and the kind of traffic or leads you generate depends on keywords. 

For lead conversions, it’s essential that you attract the right traffic or leads; suppose you are providing blockchain services but end up using the wrong keyword related to animation. This will result in leads looking for animation services but ending up at your website. Hence these leads will go waste, and so will your post’s credibility; therefore, it’s essential to use the right keywords. 

#5 Focus more on visuals 

Digital marketing involves marketing the services and goods of an organization via digital media, which includes blog posts or websites, social media posts, videos, and many more. So, when it comes to blogs and websites and good content, one more ingredient that matters the most is visuals. 

Website or blog post visuals need to be interactive, vibrant, and appealing so that people find it fun to read and go through your posts. This can be done by using vibrant colors on the website and putting more videos and animations in blog posts.

#6 Add suitable backlinks to attract potential customers

Along with keywords, backlinks are one of the best ways of driving traffic to your websites. While posting on different platforms or websites apart from yours, it is crucial to add backlinks that direct the traffic to your posts that display the services you provide to your potential customers. 

It’s essential to add relevant backlinks to your posts, depending on their nature. For example, assume you want to promote your mobile app development services, so you should add relevant backlinks linking to those services on an app development post to attract the right audience. Linking app development links to a post about blockchain will end up leading the wrong traffic seeking blockchain services to an app development page. 

#7 Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing 

Nowadays, new marketing methods and tools are paving their way into our digital marketing campaigns. With recent trends and technologies, many organizations underscore the importance of email marketing and often miss out on many opportunities. 

According to Hubspot, for every $1 spent, email generates $42, which amounts to 4200% ROI, thus proving itself to be one of the most effective marketing methods. Moreover, emails boost personalization as they are the best means to send personalized content based on customer behavior to the recipients. 

#8 Make your customers your strongest tool by boosting customer engagement

To turn the leads into potential customers, you must listen to their queries, suggestions, and feedback. For example, assume that you lead an email campaign that includes notifying your customers about sales, discount offers, or a new product launch. First of all, you need to ask if they want to receive these emails and if they agree, keep in mind to constantly engage with them by taking feedback. 

Listening to them will help your organization gain their trust and make them feel that they are being respected. Moreover, add games on your website or app where if a customer wins, they get discount coupons. These types of practices boost customer engagement and usually result in better sales.

#9 Be clear about your goals and tools you may need

For crafting successful digital marketing campaigns, your foremost step needs to be setting goals. Without well-defined goals devising a work plan is inefficient and can lead to mid-execution alterations that might lead to extra costs and time. 

Moreover, the team also needs to be clear about what digital marketing tools they might need. There are many efficient and cost-effective digital marketing tools available in the market which make things way easier for the staff. Hence it’s advisable to do in-depth research on what tools best match your needs before kick-starting your campaign. 

#10 Employ AI and ML in your digital marketing campaigns 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two techniques widely used by every sector to analyze large amounts of data and customer behaviour in order to boost personalization, whereas in some for security practices. 

AI and ML are the best tools to boost personalization in digital marketing campaigns as they help curate the right emails and discounts based on a customer’s interests and shopping patterns. AI and ML hence increase the chance of lead generation and sales. 

According to Forbes, approximately 70% of best-performing marketing teams have a well-defined AI strategy. Apart from personalization, AI and ML are also used for customer segmentation to segregate customers based on their common interests. 

#11 Know your competition

Knowing who your competitors are and what they are doing is a critical practice that every organization must know. Check what digital campaigns they are running, their position in the market and any improvement recorded due to their ongoing campaigns, failures, and strongholds. This knowledge might be constructive in devising your campaigns. Learning from their mistakes might help you get to know what strategies and tactics will help your campaign succeed. 

#12 Use marketing automation

Marketing automation refers to engaging software that streamlines the workflow and automates monotonous and repetitive tasks. Digital marketing involves accumulating a lot of data, data analytics, leads management, and many such jobs. 

Marketing automation software can do these time-consuming tasks in minimal time cost-efficiently. Moreover, tasks such as email marketing can be fully automated, wherein the software will analyze the data, craft emails, and send them by themselves to a suitable audience. 

#14 Invest in video marketing

Video marketing has become one of the best and most effective marketing methods these days. Live and pre-recorded videos that promote brands are being uploaded on various social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

According to Hubspot, approximately 86% of businesses engage in video marketing, and around 92% of marketers who use videos said it’s an essential part of their digital marketing strategy. On top of that, 87% of video marketers admitted that videos as a part of their marketing strategy gave them a positive return on investment (ROI).

Hence, concluding from these statistics, it seems highly profitable to invest in video marketing for better ROI.

#15 Keep updating more often 

To gain the credibility and trust of the customers, it’s vital that the content we post and share as a part of our digital marketing campaign is authentic and up to date. Good quality content contains statistics and proven results, and as time changes, so do these parameters. Hence it is important to post new updates regularly on the organization’s website.

#15 Maximize the use of trending technologies/stay up to date with trends

Rapid digitalization of every sector in this world has led to the meteoric rise in innovations and technologies. Innovation has always been a significant factor in influencing digital marketing. Technologies such as AI & ML, animation, etc., have been helping curate the right marketing strategies. 

Staying up to date with new trends and technologies always helps drive successful marketing campaigns. Using AI in digital marketing for data analytics and boosting personalization is one of the most outstanding examples of how trending technologies influence digital marketing.

Wrapping Up

Digital marketing has proven to be the best method of generating sales and better profits compared to traditional marketing practices. A well-researched and rightly curated digital marketing campaign can help improve the trustability and success of a company. We mentioned 15 simple tips that will surely help you drive a successful digital marketing campaign in this post.

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