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How Snapchat Sponsored Lenses can Boost Your Brand

Snapchat advertising is popular these days in the international market to promote the brands. Snapchat recently enhanced sponsored lenses to add value to its product portfolio. Snapchat ad platform is now able to offer more ad formats. These ad formats, making advertises’ life easier. Only a few countries are eligible to use these features such as US, UK, Australia and Canada till date.

Snapchat made sponsored lenses available to target very specific audience now with an assured number of reach. They have added non-selfie World Lenses to their own product ad portfolio. Snapchat offered targeted Sponsored Geofilter campaign to target specific locations. They made it customized to use the run the campaigns to maximize the reach.

Snapchat is giving tough competition to the Facebook and Instagram for paid advertisement. Offering a wide range of Sponsored Creative Tools like Sponsored Lenses, Sponsored Geofilters make it stand out. Facebook is inspired by these lenses features in Snapchat and wanted to add in their own advertising campaigns.

Snapchat’s Sponsored Lenses are forecasted to reach 16 million viewers daily

In the Snapchat marketing, advertisers were facing problem with lot of limitations. These limitations are like customization and targeting options were difficult. Now they can target the specific group of audience to advertise their products. This feature is available for US audience only as of now. Snapchat will open it up for other countries too.

Snapchat advertising has now become more popular than before. All credit goes to the customized targeting options. They have added targeting options like age group, gender and other demographics. It also includes a large number of Snap Lifestyle categories. These all are clubbed into set of channels people discover such as sports, trends, reality TV and a lot more.

Now advertisers can make a guaranteed sale of the Sponsored Lenses according to the business need. People can use the different brand lenses to play around it. Brands are excited to use these features, few brands like L’Oreal Paris, Red Bull already tried this feature.

Sponsored World Lenses are amazing and great full to use. In this you can add things in the background like clouds, sun, etc. People can capture the image by using a rear camera by applying these lenses. Augmented reality on 2D-3D object, animation of these objects is now possible with these world lenses of Snapchat.

It has amazing effects like rainbow, words, colors, and other video animation effects. These World Lenses feature is available only if you go to the Sponsored Lenses Campaign. People can capture the object and created animation in the background by having some static and moving objects in the pictures.

Upcoming movie – Everything, Everything, become the 1st in the industry to use these lenses to promote a movie on Snapchat. Netflix is also planning to roll out the World Lenses campaign soon. It has amazing effects like rainbow, words, colors, and other video animation effects.Geofilters are also becoming popular, in which you can customize the lenses according to the different locations. You can target the audience by putting location, state, and city or by ZIP code also.

Snapchat made it easier to measure the performance of this campaign on the platform by using customized dashboard. Now checking the ad results, compare the campaigns, getting the useful insights is now easier.

Why Snapchat Advertisement?

Snapchat marketing can actually help your business revenue pump up. Here are some stats to support the statement.

More than 400 million Snaps are sent every day and 8,796 photos are shared on Snapchat every second

With a 72% adoption rate, Snapchat is the most-used social media platform among 12 to 24-years-olds

Brands are charged an average of $750,000 per day to advertiseon Snapchat

Resource for the stats

Every business should try the new advertising platform to explore more opportunities and to maximize reach.Snapchat is effective social media advertising platform. The audience base is increased by 350% as compared to the previous years. It continuously increasing because of the uniqueness.Snapchat is continuously adding wide range of advertising options to make markers life easier and giving happier results.

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