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[Step by Step Guide] How to Setup TikTok Advertising Campaign?

Tiktok has become one of the fastest-growing social media channels. TikTok advertising platform offers various ad campaigns to market your business.

It is now considered the best platform for the advertisement and marketing of your business. With a billion of downloads, artists gained huge popularity using TikTok.

If you are not taking advantage of this platform, then you are surely missing the major chance to promote your business. If you are not aware of how to set up the campaign for TikTok for spreading brand awareness, then this read is going to be excited and interesting for you.

Apart from this, you can target a particular audience for your business via TikTok. You would get the huge youth traffic on it for your business.

You should use this wonderful platform for the promotion of your brand, increasing leads, and getting more sales. It is true that SEO services are playing a big role in the promotion of your brand and bring it to the top search pages in the SERP but TikTok also has become an outstanding platform for introducing your business to a large audience.

Tiktok platform is one of the most valued startups introduced by bytedance based in China. It is a well-renouned influencer marketing platform now.

Now you are thinking that how to create ads for your business, then the below-mentioned guide would be helpful for you. Let’s move further and know the official TikTok Ad Campaign creation steps: –

  1. Create an ads account
  2. Campaigns
  3. Ad groups 
  4. Advertisements
  5. Make a TiK Tok Ad Campaign
  6. Choose the campaign goal
  7. Select the budget for the ad campaign
  8. Develop adverting groups
  9. Target the audiences
  10. Scheduling
  11. Bidding
  12. Optimization

It is very easy to create account on TikTok and register as a advertiser. It offers a lot of ad content types such as sponsored content, paid posts, influencer marketing, brand advertising and a lot more.

Create an ads account on Tiktok:

Firstly, you need to start by creating the ads account at the TikTok if in case you don’t have an account on it. If in case you already have an account, then you only need to click on the create an Ad on the TikTok ads home page.

Step by step tik tok campaign setup

Campaigns structure setup on Tiktok

The next process would be the campaigns of your ad. First, know the TikTok structures for the advertising. Actually, it’s advertising into a hierarchy that involves the 3 layers. These 3 layers are such as-

  1. Campaigns
  2. Ad groups
  3. Ads

Let’s first talk about the Campaigns

Campaigns on the TikTok are like the other ad campaigns. A series of ads you can create and share on this platform for promotional purposes. If you are dealing with the cloths business, then you can create the ads on the newly launched summer clothes on your website. This campaign would help to boost your business by increasing sales. The best thing about this campaign is that you have to select any particular advertising objective for each campaign.

Ad groups creation in Tiktok

At this level, you can define where & when you want to show your ads. Also, here you can select who can see the ads of yours. It offers various features such as campaign budgets, audiences, scheduling of ads, goals optimization, target audiences, and others. An advertiser can control the whole budgets or even can set the different budgets of the audience groups, assess the performance of ads, and delivery scheduling for every ad is possible.

Types of Ads on Tiktok

tiktok advertising campaign

These are the content that you present for your specific audience on the TikTok. They can see your ad for their mobile app. Your ads can be of videos, images, or anything along with the attractive texts at the ad level.

How to make a TiKTok Ad campaign

After log in to the TikTok, ads account, you have to follow few steps for making the TikTok ad campaign-

  1. Firstly you have to tab at the top of the page on the “campaign”
  2. After that, the tab on the create button
  3. Then choose a campaign goal
  4. Now you have to name your campaign and decide the budget for that particular ad campaign

Step – 1: Choose the right campaign goal in Tiktok ads dashboard

For the optimization of the TikTok ad campaign, you have to select the specific aim. Without selecting the aim, it is not possible to achieve the target. There are primarily 3 objectives for your campaign i.e.-

  1. App installs
  2. Conversions
  3. Traffic

Step by step tik tok campaign setup

Step – 2: Select the budget for your Tiktok ad campaign

In the TikTok app, you can select the budget for your campaign either on a daily basis or the total budget for the campaign. On Tiktok, it is a feature for adjusting the ad bids so that your daily or overall budget doesn’t exceed.

tiktok campaign budgeting

Step – 3: Develop advertising groups in TikTok Ads dashboard

For covering the intended audiences, you can create a group of ads for a particular group of people for the promotion of your business. Apart from this, there is a facility in TikTok that you can repeat the ads as many times as you want. You can place these ads via two methods i.e. Automatic placement and Select placement.

tiktok ad placement

Step – 4: Target the right audiences in TikTok

The incredible feature of the TikTok is to target the audience for your ad group. You can easily target the specific audience via it and enhance your business to the next level. This is the best feature that helps to boost the business and make any brand famous in less time. Ads on this social media platform can generate more benefit because it targets the audience that can be beneficial for your business.

tiktok campaign audience setup

Step – 5: Scheduling, Bidding, and Optimization in TikTok Ads

You have the choice in TikTok to select the time for running your ads. Yes, you can schedule the running time of your ads in advance. After choosing the starting date, your ads would run at the time of your budget ended. Bidding and optimization is the process where your campaign goal is reflected and enhanced. There are 3 primary optimization aims of your ad campaign via TikTok such as cost per click, impression, and conversion.

tiktok campaign scheduling

Hope you would like the information given above and it would help to uplift your business. If you would follow the above-suggested steps, then surely your business would do great. So, take full advantage of this social media platform and let your business rock. Businessmen are opting for the TikTok campaign for the promotion of your business because it is effective & easy and generate immense profit for the business.

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