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20 YouTube Tricks to Increase Your Subscribers for YouTube Channel

Are you wondering how to enhance your subscribers for your YouTube channel? No worries about it.

Getting subscribers is an art of YouTube Marketing. Most YouTube marketers are creating compelling videos, but they have fewer followers. In this guide, we will give 20 tricks to help increase your YouTube subscribers.

1. Create a Plan for Your YouTube Videos:

Before you have to start your YouTube journey is to prepare your plan accordingly. There are several categories available to make content. Decide what it is that you love creating and focus on enhancing related skills.

Before creating a video, you should write a script because it helps organize your videos efficiently and keep you on track. By sticking to a script, you will stay on track without moving an unrelated topic. There are more advantages to planning a video script.

2. Edit your videos Frequently:

After creating content, editing your videos is an additional advantage for grasping the audience. Your content is beneficial, but clarity will be zero means no one will like your video.

For example, Thomas Hawk is a well-celebrated photographer who claims that he publishes it for each photograph before rejecting more shots. The same goes for any editing.

If you are most interested in spending more time and effort to understand cinematography, I recommend you check out The Five C’s of Cinematography: Essential tips for filmmaking. Seriously, this book has excellent cutting-edge techniques for both the freshers and the seasoned cinematographer.

3. Produce Highly Engaging Content:

If you want to get more YouTube subscribers for your channel, your content must be attractive, engaging, and entertaining. You can build your content for a specific audience, so you may know what your audience likes most!

Make sure that you prepare your video script previously to remember all points when you take the video. Thus, you can avoid unnecessary information and save time. If you feel that there is more information in one video, break it into part-by-part videos.

The advantage of making the part-by-part video is to add more viewers to channels. With this, you will get instant YouTube comments, share and increase your watch time.

4. Optimize YouTube Titles:

Video titles are more important for YouTube success because they enter the channel with no idea about your channel. That time, a single title impressed the user to click the video. It is a tricky way to connect the video and increase your watch time.

Hence, your title must be descriptive and informative as well as grab the audience quickly. A video title should be less than 70 characters and add keywords at the starting of the title, which helps get rank in SERP pages.

5. Optimize Your Video Descriptions:

Coming back to the YouTube SEO aspect, the video description is most important to establish a more brand additionally. In this section, you can describe your brand with keywords. The length of the description should be 5000 characters, and you can add 2-3 keywords.

The important thing in this section is to add CTA options. These links directly connect your website, so many audiences click your website so that you will get more traffic.

Hint: You will try to link people to a ‘squeeze page’ in your video description.

6. Effective YouTube Thumbnail:

Making a custom video thumbnail for each video is the best way to impress the audience. Thumbnail is considered the heart of the YouTube video because 90% of the best performing videos use the custom Thumbnail on YouTube. When the viewers scroll to search videos or recommended videos, your thumbnail needs to grab their attention from the audience.

While creating the custom thumbnail, the images must be relevant to your video content, increasing your video’s CTR (click-through rate). Hence, make catchy thumbnails, and it helps to attract new users.

YouTube Thumbnails should be 1280 x 720 pixels. If you want to use the thumbnail tool: Thumbmaker (DIY)

7. Post Your Videos Frequently:

Without a doubt, publishing your videos continuously helps to improve your subscribers count on your YouTube channel. If you haven’t posted any videos in a long time, the audience won’t want to subscribe to your channel.

Social media examiner research says the YouTube channels should post a video once a week. This way helps to increase the number of subscribers to your channel. Anyone subscribing to your YouTube channel gets an email notification whenever you upload a new video. The viewers want to see your content; then your content must be original, 1X engaging your audience.

8. Create a Channel Trailer:

YouTube offers a video trailer that lets you automatically play a video when you are opening a YouTube channel.

A YouTube channel trailer is to promote your audience and continuously increase to keep the audience engaged. The perfect channel trailer should be between 30 to 60 seconds.

YouTube Channel Research says that audience retention rates are eliminated when loyal subscribers with lengthy channel trailers and boring content. So, make sure to add the trailer of your relevant content. As a YouTuber, if you want to engage your audience, then you must concentrate on audience retention rates.

9. Publish Longer videos:

YouTube is considered the online hub for the audience because whatever the audience searches, YouTube is ready to answer. YouTube content has product reviews, how-to videos, adventure videos, etc. The lengthy content has high converting videos that are more than 10+ minutes.

According to the Comscore reports, the average length of YouTube videos was around 4.4 minutes in January 2014. For content creators who are getting started to outrank the opportunity.

Short videos perform well, but longer videos get higher rank and gain momentum!

10. Add Watermark in Your Video:

This is an impressive way that you can use your YouTube channel! YouTube allows you to add a watermark in all the videos and at all the time. The main strategy to add the watermark is remaining to viewers to subscribe to your channel.

There are so many options to show the watermark. If you want to add the new watermark to the existing video, you can definitely do that. Add the watermark in your subscriber icon, which helped increase subscribers’ quality to your channel.

How to add the watermark?

  • Sign in to YouTube studio & go to the settings -> Click the left side menu bar.
  • You have to select a channel or branding and now select the image you would like to add a watermark.

11. Complete Your Account Settings:

Many YouTubers forget to add the bio on the YouTube channel. It is the main thing when the audience trusts you. After creating the YouTube account for your brand, you must add your brand details and contains details on the bio page.

Adding mail IDs or contact numbers is most efficient for the consumers! If they have any queries or buy anything in your brand, they call you. In this way, you can build trust among the consumers.

12. Add your Channel URL with Subscription Link:

It is smart to aggressively improve YouTube subscriptions from the audience who click on your channel link. In this trick, you will expand your channel link with “?sub_confirmation=1.”

For instance,



Whenever a pop-up notifies the audience, click the link and reminder to add the subscription button to your YouTube channel.

13. Make a Channel Customizations:

When the audience enters your channel first, they will be able to trust your brand. Make yourself to be professional, and viewers give respect and trust you.

Anyway, you can customize the channel art, background header, channel bio, and URL. You can always link to your blog’s URL in the video description for an additional bio. The perfect size for a YouTube channel cover is 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Make a Channel Customizations

Customizing your brand on YouTube always helps to establish yourself as a brand.

14. Use Meta Tags:

With the help of Google Keyword Planner, you can get top-rated keywords for your videos. Add those keywords in your content, which helps get rank easily and findable in Google and YouTube search engines.

Metadata is a kind of YouTube SEO, and it always plays a significant role when getting your videos to appear on SERP pages. Don’t copy & paste the meta tags; it won’t help to improve your ranking.

15. Add Intro & Outro Videos:

Making an intro & outro video is not only for branding but also for creating your video engaging. Having an intro & outro will publish your brand and look at more professionalism.

Moreover, the impressive intro will make sure that your audience stays tuned to the remaining video. And the outro video, you can ask your viewers to subscribe to our channel.

16. Collaborate with Other YouTubers:

If you are a beginner in creating YouTube videos, you may work with your other YouTubers. That YouTube marketers have a lot of fan base, and the audience already knows their faces. This method gives an experience of how to make a video.

You can connect to a new audience, and your collaborator can also connect to a new audience, and your audience will love all of this extra work.

17. Interact with Your Followers:

When your followers know that you support them, they will help you. Interact with your audience, and listen to your fan’s requests in the comments section. Getting comments may be positive or negative, but your elegance makes your audience happy.

Replying to the comments for your videos is portrayed to the audience and feels connected with you. This will create trust, and they will respect you for caring about them.

18. Cross-platform Promotion:

Once you create a video and post it on a YouTube channel, your job isn’t complete. Being promoted to your videos on all the social media helps to get subscribers to your channel.

It would help if you had a social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., share your video link in their profile. With this, there are more possible ways to add subscribers to your account.

19. Consider Giveaways:

Creating a YouTube giveaway or video contest will offer your current followers and help get several new followers to your account.

You can give away anything you want:

  • A new tech gadget
  • A hosting subscription
  • A branded t-shirt etc

When you offer to give away, it’s the best thing related to your niche, and your audience still loves getting something for free.

20. Use Perfect Tools:

There are several tools out there. Each tool helps you create videos and promote your videos. Using perfect tools will help you improve your organic viewership.

If you have more organic views, you can get more potential subscribers to your YouTube account!

So, use the tools and create useful content and post on YouTube channels.


It’s tough to outrank the YouTube channel as a brand-building platform. If you want to build a unique, successful brand of yours, YouTube does. The magical thing is growing your YouTube audience with consistency. Hence, start cranking out some videos, get success, and increase your audience.

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