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What are YouTube Shorts and how to use them effectively?

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of being short? It does not matter even if you are tall as a tower, as long as you are involved with the YouTube business. YouTube’s brand-new addition – YouTube Shorts, is something that has heated up the media market because of the appreciation received by the invention. The platform has recorded over 5 trillion views since its inception, which is quite a record as the addition was made in September 2020.

youtube shorts

Are you familiar with the concept of YouTube shorts? It is basically a tool for creating short-length videos on YouTube. These videos are usually 15-60 sec long and not any large. You can simply create behind-the-scenes, funny reels on YouTube. This feature has gained popularity within no time, and now, most of YouTube creators use shorts as a medium for launching teasers or showing BTS. Do you not yet? That’s alright. Now that you have not started yet, how about going through every know-how of the tool before putting it into use?

How it’s different from regular videos.

It is not a difficult answer. Apart from their common factor of creating appealing visuals, these video forms are quite distinctive. This very differentiation makes them

    Time Duration

The major difference between regular videos and YouTube shorts is their duration. The usual YouTube videos do not have time limits, whereas shorts are limited to 60 seconds.


The features of promotion are similar for both shorts and regular videos. Although there is a difference in creation features. YouTube shorts provides video segmentation, music catalogues and overlays for creating a video or more like a reel.

    Type of content

Isn’t it obvious that these two vary with the type of content? While long-form videos are not restricted to any type, shorts are mostly used to create reels and BTS videos.

    Visibility of icons

Shorts are created in vertical format, while YouTube’s normal videos are viewed in horizontal segmentation. Due to this difference, the icons to like, subscribe, and share is all visible on the right side of YouTube shorts, unlike other YouTube videos.


Although shorts have acquired incredible liking from the audience, it has less audience because it is very new in the market. YouTube on the other hand, has billions of loyal consumers.

    Watch time

Since the time duration is limited, shorts and regular YouTube videos have differences in their watch time which directly affect your growth on the platform.

Do YouTube shorts contribute to the revenue?

Things are under control, relax! Even if you create YouTube shorts which is, as we have mentioned earlier, not a part of the YouTube Partner Program yet. You are still eligible to convert those videos into money. The only thing you need to do is become eligible and satisfy the criteria to get funded from the “shorts fund”. Find out the eligibility criteria for getting funded from shorts funds.

Do YouTube shorts contribute to the channel’s watch hours?

Does it not scare the hell out of you when you created something, but it did not even contribute to your paycheck? YouTube shorts might do that to you. These visuals created do not contribute to your 4000 watch hours which are compulsory to monetize your YouTube creations. The views of YouTube shorts contribute to your overall lifetime views. Nevertheless, the platform has a “shorts fund” which enables you as a creator to earn with short-form content even if you are not a part of YouTube’s YPP program and match up to their eligibility criteria for shorts.

Do YouTube shorts get more visibility than normal videos?

Shorts are yet not very saturated. They have not been in the market for very long, making them a playground for advancement. If you drop early and pick quickly, the tool can be a bonus for your channel. For the past 2 years, the segment has competed successfully with similar platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. So, you don’t have to worry about exposure or the audience. Give a go at it; you might find a whole new set of viewers. If you ever feel the need to get more Views, you can use paid promotion to buy YouTube Views from any trusted advertising companies which can promote your videos.

There might be a few factors which contribute to their visibility:

  •     They don’t demand your time. These second-long videos are watched more because it allows the user to consume information within no time.
  •     Keep going without the need to click. When you are using YouTube shorts, you do not have to click every video if you want to view it. The trail keeps going, giving more visibility.
  •     There is no time to skip. In the case of regular videos, a viewer can easily skip the video within a few seconds, which cancels the view. Shorts, on the other hand, which are already so short, are usually over before a viewer can skip them.

How to create YouTube shorts

It is no hard nut to crack. You can rather easily make a YouTube short with the help of your smartphone and internet connection. Below are the steps to create a YouTube short and post it.

  •     Open your YouTube application on your smartphone.
  •     On the interface, you will find a (+) create sign on the bottom.

  •     Click on the sign, and you will get 3 options to create a short, upload a video and go live.
  •     Click on the “create a short” option.

Steps to create youtube shorts

  •     You can select the duration of your video between 15-60 seconds (in case you are using YouTube music, the time is limited to 15 seconds only).
  •     Create anything you want to show your audience and the world.

You can also upload your YouTube shorts using a PC. Here are the steps below:

  •     Simply go to the application and click on the create option visible on the right side of the screen.
  •     You will get 2 options – upload and go live.
  •     Click on the “upload option” to put an already recorded video.

You just need a cellphone in good condition, network connectivity and a YouTube application to create shorts. Add informative titles and tags to make the most out of those shorts. A little addition will add up to your views.

Do YouTube shorts get you more Subscribers?

Shorts are definitely the trend because they do not ask for too much time investment and are fun. YouTube shorts rather allows the creator to establish a connection with their audience within no time. So, the answer is yes. If you want easy subscribers, concentrate on creating short interactive or irrevocable content that establishes you within the community.

On the other side, we also suggest new YouTubers to spend a part of their time creating long-form content on regular intervals. You do not have to do it on a daily basis. Doing so will also help you add that content as a short. Learn the art of creating a YouTube short from your already uploaded YouTube video.

The downside of creating or focusing more on YouTube Shorts

Every coin has 2 sides. While the segment of shorts is a surprise package deal, it comes with several downfalls. You should be prepared for a few disadvantages that would come along if you intend to make an audience and money on shorts rather than regular videos.

    Harms your Watch Hours

Since the shorts are literally short in their length, they do not contribute much to your watch hours which are compulsory to receive monetary benefits on YouTube. Long-form YouTube videos, on the other hand, go easy in terms of watch hours.

    Dilemma over monetization

Since the YouTube shorts are not yet a part of the YPP program, it is hard to monetize them. You have to become eligible for the shorts fund and then start earning from scratch.

    May or may not bind your consumer

On the brighter side, where shorts might provide an opportunity to get closer to your audience, this idea can backfire at any time. Since these are limited creations, you need to make the most of them, or else they won’t be as effective.

    Better for the established YouTubers

Shorts can be a better deal for established YouTubers rather than newbies. If you already have a playlist of long-form videos on your channel and a set of audience, shorts are a good way to communicate. New YouTubers should focus more on their regular videos.


To conclude it all, YouTube shorts are an absolute trend still in its growing stage. Did you know the segment surpassed 6.5 billion views in a day just after it was launched in the US? The figures clearly state the scope for YouTubers though it has a set of pros and cons which cannot be neglected. Make sure when you are in the making of shorts, you do not neglect your long-form content because they are better known for creating an authentic and long-term audience base.

The shorts can be your added weapon or an extra headache if you are half-informed or misguided. So, be prepared and informed about the short videos before jumping right into them.

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