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How to Embed Social Media Feeds on Your Website & Why

social media feeds

Social media plays a big role in everybody’s lives. Presently over 3.5 billion people use the internet to access social media. So utilizing social media feeds for websites, to your advantage can work wonders for your brand.

You have the opportunity to reach such a massive user count. Also, you don’t need a huge investment for using social media marketing, instead, an investment of some time and effort. You have the ability to gain new followers and higher sales with minimalistic investment.

All you have to do is create an attractive and engaging social media feeds for websites and embed it into your website.

What is social media feeds?

Social media feed is the location where you upload the content you want people to see. Every social media platform has a different social media feeds for websites but we can integrate all of them with social media aggregators.

Social media aggregators are tools that help you collect data from different social media platforms and display them at one location. They collect content through hashtags and account handles. They allow you to design, curate and analyze your wall. This way you can easily utilize social media for your brand’s marketing.

Social media feeds

Using social media feed for websites as a marketing tool is quite a strategic move on a brand’s part. If used correctly, it can help your brand upgrade their game in the market in a very short time.

Reasons you should embed your social media feed on your website:

  1. Embedding social media feed on your website is the best way to encourage user engagement. When people see that they can feature in your social media feed on your website by just posting a picture or video with your hashtag or tagging your account, they would definitely want to be a part of it. They will be acting like the marketers or models for your brand. By doing this, they will feel more connected to the brand.
  2. This connection they feel produces belongingness for the brand. They turn into more loyal and involved users of your brand. These loyal customers can be very helpful when it comes to user-generated content and marketing of your brand. They might also help you with mouth publicity by recommending your brand to their friends and family.
  3. Embedding social media feed on your website can help you maintain transparency with your users resulting in heightened brand trust. It is not necessary that all the posts you receive will be positive, there can be posts that are negative also. Displaying these posts on your website can act as a solid transparency initiative.
  4. As I mentioned in the previous point, people might send in negative comments or suggestions for your brand. This way you get a scope for improving those aspects of your brand. If you think that you can improve those aspects to enhance your consumer experience, it is a win-win. Your users will be happy to see brands prioritizing masses and you will get higher sales by social media feeds on your websites.
  5. You also have the ability to use the same social media feed on websites for events or seminars as well. You can go ahead and showcase your social wall on digitally powered display screens. The tools give you this ability along with the many other features they provide.
  6. You have an opportunity to make announcements or host polls in a unique and engaging manner for your users. It can end up to be a very interactive and distinctive way of attracting your users as well as conveying important messages.
  7. A good marketing technique can help you build your brand value in a way it never was. It is the ideal solution to your marketing problems. All the above-mentioned points combined can immensely help you. Prioritizing your users can never go bad anyway.

Reasons you should embed your social media feed

Ways to embed social media feed on your website

Following are some of the best tools to help you embed your social media feed on your website:

#1 Taggbox

Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool that fetches content from multiple social media platforms at one location. This content is pulled in with the help of particular hashtags or accounts that you choose. You can then create a social media feed wall and embed it on your website.

Taggbox social media feeds

Taggbox provides you with different features to customize, curate, and analyze your social media feeds wall such as:

  • Personalize Panel for designing and customizing the look of your social media feeds wall according to your wish.
  • There are innumerous themes, styles, fonts to choose from.
  • Moderation Panel to choose the posts you want to show on your wall.
  • Analytics to generate reports for the performance of your social wall and analyzing it.
  • Once you set up your wall, all you have to do is generate an embed code and paste it to your website’s code.


#2 Miappi

Miappi is also a social media aggregator tool that collects content from different social media platforms and creates a social wall. It helps you add a social media feeds section on your website as per your requirements.

Miappi social media feeds

This tool also provides you with the features to curate, display, and measure your social media feeds wall on your website.

You can easily customize your social media feeds wall to match your website or your brand theme. This tool also emphasizes a lot on the use of UGC in marketing. It believes that UGC is the future of selling and I can not deny that at all.

#3 Flow-Flow Social Stream

Flow-Flow Social Stream a free WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate content from 15 social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can integrate them on your website to show whats happening on your social media channels to engage the audience by adding that social media feed on your website.

Flow-flow social media feeds

This plugin has a responsive layout and is optimized to display on any screen size. It is a very user-friendly and easy-to-use tool for creating a social wall.

#4 Snap Widget

Snap Widget is a tool that can help you integrate your social media feeds on your website. It allows you to collect content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and embed its widgets on your website.

snapwidget social media feeds

It automatically fetches the content from these social media platforms and updates them on the feed on your website. It also allows you to embed numerous widgets like an Instagram grid, Instagram popup, Facebook grid and many more.


I have already given you enough reasons to go ahead and embed your social media feed on your website but there are more benefits that these social walls provide you. They make your website more attractive and beautiful for your website traffic.

Embedding social media feed on your website can also generate a high return on investment keeping in mind the popularity of social media around the globe. We can undoubtedly conclude that social media is the future of selling and you should adopt it soon, you don’t want to be the one catching up later. Take this opportunity and dominate all your competitors already.

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