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Video Marketing: How to Create a Quick YouTube Campaign in Just 30 Minutes?

Since 2016, an exponential hike has been observed in video marketing. It’s the new digital marketing trend!

According to the report from Social Media Examiner on social media 2017, people focusing on video content after blog and images.

Planning to run the campaign is easy. But, the most difficult part is to implement it.

So, here you are going to learn how to create a YouTube video campaign in just 30 minutes.

Trust me — It’s going to be a great fun.

Start with writing the blueprintof your video.

  • Objective: What you want from this video?
  • Theme: What will be the theme of your video?
  • Person: Who will be starring in your video?
  • Shooting: Who will be capturing the video?
  • Content: Which message we want to deliver to our audience?
  • Script: Conversation you will have in the video

Video blueprint helps to understand the flow of work.

For example, I would like to design a video campaign for my clothing store. My objective is to increase awareness about the new clothing collection in my store. I want people to visit my store. I will be the person presenting my store in the video. I want one assistance to shoot the video when I am talking. I want to give the views tour of the store and the latest collection I have.

Split the script into 3 major chunks:

Introduction – Hey, I am [Name, designation].

Call to action – I would like to show you the latest collection we have for [Demographics – male, female, kids etc.] Visit our store!

Tour – (Give them a tour of your store with background music.)

Now, you have got the blueprint in place.The next step will be creating the video.

Tools are available to guide you to make the video

Try YouTube Director to make your 1st video in easy steps.

This is an incredible tool to create YouTube video in a couple of minutes.

How to use the YouTube Director tool?

Step – 1: Pick the template – 100+ pre-designed templates are available for different verticals.

Step – 2: Shoot and Edit – YouTube Director Guide to shoot, to pick the right frame to add the right content in the video. The best part is you can take as many shots as you want. The app will gather the final frames together for you. You can pick the background music of your choice.

Step – 3 Upload!

Isn’t it amazing!

Note: The YouTube Director app is currently only available for iPhone in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. coming soon to Android.

How to add the call to action in the video?

Once you upload the video, you can add the YouTube card to enable a call to action in just 4 steps.

Step – 1: Log in to your YouTube account and open the video manager.

Step – 3: Add the card according to the goal of your video campaign strategy

Step – 4: Add the details according to the type of card. Add the different cards at different points of time, from selecting the timeline below the video.

You are all set with the video and call to action.

Here is your YouTube video is ready!!!

Now it’s time to run the campaign!

Step – 1: Log in to your Google AdWords account

Step – 2: Select the video campaign option

Step – 3: You can select the type of ads you want to run. For YouTube two types of TrueView ads you can run:

You can select the ad formats from the options.

Step – 4: Set up the bidding strategy and targeting as per your goals.

Step – 5: Save and continue >> Create the Ad group >> Search the YouTube video you want to promote:

Step – 6: Select the video format and fill the details.

Step – 7 Fill the bidding and targeting according to your business needs.

Step – 8: Save and run the campaign!

What are the blunders in designing a YouTube video campaign?

Creating blueprint

That’s true, people want to create a video marketing strategy without a blueprint.

The blueprint helps the marketer to create a whole flow from start to end.

Defining the theme

Without theme, your campaign going to end up getting nothing. Your campaign theme represents your goal of the campaign.

Video length

How many of you know that?- “50% more people will complete a 1 min video than a 2 min video.”

Shorter is better!

Wistia reported that for a video of 4-5 minutes, less than 60% of your viewers will still be with you–against 75% for a 1-2 minute video.”
Call to action placement

Most of the people don’t watch the video till the end, so if you are adding a call to action at the end, you can expect a lower response than the others.

CTA placement in the video makes a huge difference. Try to add clickable annotations in the 1st couple of minutes of the video.

Split up long videos into smaller ones

Long videos don’t engage the audience!

Think of breaking down your video content into smaller pieces. Smaller videos are more digestible compared to long videos. So, instead of a long 30 min video, split up into small 2-2 min videos.

Title and Description:

That’s the place where you could fail!

Title and description these are the most important elements to which are underestimated.

It’s been observed most of the people use long content in their YouTube video Title and description, but do you know, only 50 chars are visible in the results and remaining content automatically gets truncated?

The same happens for the description only the top two lines get visibility in search. So, utilize the space to add the top keywords in a call to action in those places.

In this era running a YouTube campaign could make a huge difference to your business. In YouTube competition is really high. To outperform the competition, creativity is a must. Follow this step by step guide to run a quick YouTube campaign and win the customers.

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