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How to Use the Latest Engagement Audience on Facebook for Amazing Results?

Looking for better retargeting options through audience engagement on Facebook?

To ease the targeting to engage theaudience, Facebook has recently updated its engagement custom audience. Now marketers could find awide range of custom audience to get higher engagement and retention.

Open your business manager. Select the ‘Audience’ tab. It will navigate you to ‘Asset library’section.

In the Asset library section, you can find, ‘Create Audience’ tab. Just click on the ‘Custom Audience’ tab.

You can find the all the options for thecustom audience you can create on Facebook. Select the ‘Engagement’ option from the pop-up.

Previously, there were only four options could be found in engagement tab.It was known as ‘Engagement on Facebook’ which is updated now.

Now many options are available for the engagement custom audience. You can target through your Instagram account, video engagement, event engagement and lot more.

In this tab, you can find all the engagement custom audience options. You can choose the right option according to your campaign objective.

Here I am going to explain you the usage of each engagement audience options one-by-one.

Select the video option from the pop-up, then choose the right targeting option from the drop-down list.

Facebook currently offering six video audience targeting options based on the time audience spent with.

You can add multiple conditions to the same audience.

You can select the time frame for which you want to capture the audience data. Enter the days in the in ‘In the past __ days’ section.

Name your audience, according to the option you select. If you have huge audience base it will help you differentiate the audience.

Then click on the ‘Choose videos…’ option and browse the videos you shared previously on Facebook or Instagram.

The list of the videos will appear in the pop-up box. Select the video which you want to create anaudiencefor. Then click on ‘Confirm’, and your video selection is done!

Just click on create an audience tab in the bottom-left corner of the pop-up box.

#2: Lead form:

Facebook allows you to run adifferent type of campaigns. One of them is lead generation campaign.

In this type of campaign, you create a lead form. When people click on the lead ad, they get a form to fill. It collectscustomers’ data such as name, email address etc.

You can create acustom audience for those who engaged with your lead generation form.

Select the ‘Lead’ option from the pop-up box.

In this section, you can engage with the audience who’s engaged with your lead campaign.

This type of audience is adifferent and high-value audience. This audience is aware of your brand, engage with your brand in the past. These people are more profitable to retain.

Multiple options are available to build the strong audience for the campaign. Select the right options, then choose the duration in which people engaged with your lead campaign.

You can include or exclude any of the options.

For example, the people who already submitted form could be your existing customers. It is advisable to create alist of the people who opened the form and the people who opened but didn’tsubmit the form. You can simply exclude the third option.

Then click on the create audience button. Your audience has been created.

#3: Fullscreen Experience

Fullscreen experience also called Canvasads which are for mobile users only.

By using this audience you can create the custom audience who’s engaged with your collection ads.

#4: Facebook page

Select the fourth option called ‘Facebook Page’. This option helps you build the audience who’s engaged with your company’s Facebook page.

The people performed some actions on your page could be added in the engaged audience.

In this section, you can make the list of the audience who people performed certain actions on your Facebook page.

People who engaged with posts on your Facebook page, or clicked on your call-to-action, interacted with your company profile etc.

#5: Instagram business profile

This feature is similar to the previous one, where you are building anaudience based on the Facebook page interactions. Now you can build the audience based on the audience interacted with your Instagram account too.

Add your Instagrambusiness account with your Facebook Page. You can leverage your Facebook campaigns by capturing the Instagramaudience.

You can select the appropriate options from the drop-down list.

#6: Event

Facebook added a new type of custom audience called ‘Event’.

Select the Event option from the engagement menus.

You will see certain actions people performed on your event page. Based on the actions they took, you can build a custom audience.

For example, you can retarget the audience who’s responded as interested or going to your event. These people are most likely to be interested in relevant campaigns. This audience is easy to engage with various campaigns.

You can select the page from the drop-down menu.

Next, you have to enter the name, location or date of the event to create an audience.

Once you have selected all the required options, you can add the right name of the audience, according to the event and audience type.

Finally, click on the create audience tab and your audience is created!

When you will create your audience, it will show you as processing status sometime. It notifies you when your audience is ready. It shows you a ‘green’ dot in the status column, it means your audience is created successfully and ready to use in your upcoming campaigns.

If you get the red mark, means the duration you have selected is too small to capture the data. It is advisable to add 180 days to get more data from various campaigns to make aconsolidated audience.

It could take 30 min to a few hours to populate the list.

How to use this audience?

  1. Go to the ‘Ads Manager’.
  2. Create a campaign according to your goal.
  3. Go to the ‘Audience’ section.
  4. Select the ‘Create New’ option.
  5. Select the ‘Custom Audience’. You can find all the audience, which is created previously.

Tips to use this audience more effectively for better results:

  • Choose the options which are properly aligned to your campaign objectives.
  • Use the name of the audience, according to the type and duration. It will be easy to remember.
  • Don’t use multipleaudiences in the same campaign. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find which engagement audience performed better.
  • Add the Facebook automated rules to control the frequency of the ad.Because according to the Facebook, ad frequency of your ad will 4, for your Facebook page audience and 2, for the new audience.
  • Exclude the current customers from the retargeting list until you have a new product to offer.It does not make sense to show the ads to the people who already purchased your services.
  • Exclude the competitors from thelist to refrain from showing ads to the irrelevant users.


Facebook consistently improving its advertising experience for the advertisers. Facebook recently made many updates in their business manager. Engagement audience is one of the exciting features made advertisers life easy. Now you can narrow down your campaign audience by targeting aspecific audience. Right audience can boost your campaign performance and help you achieve the highest conversion rate.

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