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How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign for Best Results? Part – II

I explained why usually email campaigns don’t work for various organizations, in my previous post.

Here I will explain to you how to create a perfect email marketing campaign that actually works.

Have you ever wonder “Who is getting your email, and why?” If the answer is NO, then it’s the right time to work on your email strategies. Start with determining who your audience is!

For example, You have a list of 100,000 email ids in your database. You have to identify the potential audience to improve your open rate. If your major target audience is in the USA, then you have to create a mail that is mobile-friendly, concise and up to the point.

As per the research, Tuesday to Thursday is the best day to send business emails. 11 am – 1 pm or 5 pm – 6 pm is the most optimal time when people go through their inbox. Now you understood why the audience and the time is important.

As the above example, the audience is divided based on the country, but there are multiple ways you can split your database:

  1. You can segment by our buyer personas
  2. Where is your audience in the buyer’s journey?

As I explained if I am just comparing the policies doesn’t mean I want to buy it now. The sales content maybe not appeal to me at that time. I just need some tips and reading stuff. Sending a great email to the right buyer persona at the WRONG time can be a HUGE problem.

You have to think WHO will be on the other side of this email sent, reading my message?

The email database could be segmented based on the following criteria:

  • Geography: country, time zone, area code, address
  • Company: size, industry, the nature of their business — B2B, B2C, Non-profit, etc.
  • Job role: job title, department, function, experience

How do you decide what type of content to send to your prospects and customers?

“Content plus Context equals success”


  1. Awareness stage: keep your content easily consumable.
  2. Consideration stage: you’re answering the unasked questions that you anticipate are running through your lead’s head.
  3. Decision stage: This is the time to send those free trials, ROI reports, product demos, consultations, and estimates or quotes, depending on your industry.

Continuous emailing to build trust is important. That’s where lead nurturing comes in, with the goal of earning their business when they’re ready.

Have you ever realized this before sending a mail?

Would I be excited to read this if it showed up in my inbox?”

If you design your emails with those simple tips in mind, your readers will see a great email, on whichever device they decide to use.

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