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Micro-Moment Marketing – The New Big Thing in the Digital Marketing

Micro-Moment is the new trend of empowering brands to reach out to the right audiences as per their needs and requirements. It gives enormous opportunities to cater to targeted audiences through intent-based actions.


Have you ever looked for suggestions to buy your favorite gadgets? How many times does Google search results influence your buying decisions to select the right product of your choice and budget?

Intent-rich mobile applications are shaping our lives in one or the other ways. It is influencing our actions as per the need of an hour. Be it ordering food from popular apps like- Zomato or booking a cab, the actions triggered as per the need and time refer to the micro-moments. It also influences consumers to take appropriate decisions at the right moment which also offers the opportunity for marketers to target the audiences in a totally different manner.

The Micro-Moment is inspired by Google’s Think With Google innovation to power content trends by adding richness to the voice-based commands. In terms of consumers perspective, the micro-moments is the initial demand of requirements that they are looking to be fulfilled through the help of search engine, applications or internet-enabled devices. This trend seems to rise up due to the popularity of smart devices like- Google Home, Alexa, etc.

Interesting Facts on How Micro-Moment Powers Purchases

  • 82% of users use their mobile devices to search for products and end up buying things as per the search results.
  • More than 51% of Mobile Users opt for brands that they come across through search engine or voice-based results.
  • Micro-Moment offers consumers a scope to get access to accurate and appropriate information.

Micro-Moment Influencing Consumers Decision

As the consumers are using their mobile devices to search for various things, it completely relies upon them in terms of opting for choice between different things. The role of brands and voice-enabled technologies play an influential role here to offer appropriate products to consumers.

Digital marketing is a tool that can empower brands to make use of voice-enabled search techniques to offer services to niche consumers. It also helps brands to make use of opportunities where consumers instantly look towards using or purchasing your services as per the intent. This is quite an influential way to acquire more consumers by touching various
touchpoints of micro-moments.

Micro-Moments – Adding Value to the Buyer’s Journey

The micro-moments helps in terms of adding the right value to the buyer’s journey. In terms of looking for product recommendations to finally purchasing them, it definitely plays a huge role in adding value to the consumer’s needs.

As per the understanding, the micro-moments triggers various action points which are as follows:

  1. Consumers looking to learn something new: These actions can be associated with the needs of consumers to learn or know about some information.
  2. Consumers looking to perform action: The consumers may look for products or services they might require at that point in time.
  3. Consumers can discover the trends: The micro-moment can also target consumers looking for some recent trends on the internet.
  4. Looking for Buying Services: It caters to offering services which consumers require as per the needs. It can refer to subscriptions, on-demand cab services, etc.

How Brands Can Leverage Opportunities through Micro-Moments

The brands can make use of strategies to increase their visibility on search engines. The micro-moment can really help brands to capture the consumers by offering the right information associated with their product or market-fit. The brand also needs to revamp its purchase funnels by adding minimalistic steps and approaches enabling consumers to buy a product or service in lesser duration of time. This can definitely help brands to leverage opportunities in the right
manner. As per the industry trends, the micro-moment ready brands can look towards achieving higher returns as compared to brands that are not actively present on such platforms.

Here are some of the strategies which brands can utilize to make themselves ready for the marketing

1. The increased role of Keywords and search presence: The brands looking to leverage the micro-moment segment need to get active on popular and high intent keywords associated with their product and market. As the search engine algorithm works on the keyword mechanism, the brands can make use of the techniques to appear on top search results.
2. Identifying Actions associated with Consumers: The brands can work towards researching the dimensions of needs and actions of their target consumers to know which key trends can help brands to improvise their micro-moment strategy. It refers to identifying related search terms, products, services, etc. which consumers usually relate with your brand. This is mostly associated with refining content strategy to attract audiences and potential consumers.
3. SEO is the Key to Success: The strong strategies associated with search engine optimization can help your brand to gain visibility and popularity on search results. The brands need to be SEO ready in order to take benefit from the micro-moment platform to gain an advantage over the competitors.
4. Mobile Optimisation for Micro-Moment Presence: The mobile optimization gives an edge in terms of appearing in the voice-based search results. As Google search engine looks for various factors while delivering instant results to voice-based queries, the mobile-friendly website can get more leverage than the other sites.
5. Keeping Purchase Funnels Short: consumers should be able to check-out from your website without struggling much in the middle of stepwise processes. As per the marketing experts, lesser steps to checkout drive increased sales.
6. Paid Ads Strategy & Creative Angles: The brands need to look for creative ways to engage with audiences through the various modes of paid ads. The creative advertising strategy can influence consumers to take action more often.

Targeting Consumers on Different Touch Points of Micro-Moment Marketing

The brand needs to understand how they can target consumers through various touchpoints where they tend to perform actions associated with your product or services. Here are the various moments through which brands can relate to their consumer’s needs.
1. “I Want to Know”- The brands can offer information and insights related to their products and services which consumers are looking to discover. In this stage, the consumers are more interested to access options rather than to make decisions about purchasing products or services.
2. “I want to Go” – These moments necessarily are focused on in-store visits where consumers are looking for location-specific options.
3. “I want to do” – This is an action-oriented moment where consumer tends to perform the action associated with their needs and requirements. Forex- Searching for cabs.
4. “I want to buy” – This is a final moment when the consumer has made up a mind to purchase something.

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