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10 Quick Tricks for Successful Influencer Marketing

Have you ever thought of getting recommended by some top market influencer? If you are a true marketer, you must be aware of influencer marketing. It is one of the latest marketing trends, which is adopted by a large number of firms these days.

So, what exactly is it?

Millions of articles are published on the internet on a daily basis, which makes it difficult for the end users to trust one’s information. So, to earn this trust and credibility in market, influencers are needed. That’s how influencer marketing fits into the picture.

A large number of people follow the advice of the market influencers. Statistics show that more than 20% women buy the brand suggested by influencers. Connections with influencers not only allow people to trust your services, but also add a great value to your content and assure more business and revenue than any other marketing technique.

Why influencer marketing?

“Conversions can increase 3-10x when brand share content through influencers in their industry,” according to a new research. Influencer marketing adds value to your brand and helps you increase the revenue. Companies these days are spending 35% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing. According to the analysis of Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner – “Interest in influencer marketing has increased more than 90X from 2013 to till date.”

“On average, businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing.” – According to the latest research reports. Marketing steam is moving from paid media to influencer marketing. If you still haven’t started, then you are losing a huge market share. It’s time to add influencer marketing in your business strategy this year. The sooner you start the higher you grow.

Quick tips to connect the influencers:

  1. Goal: What you want to achieve with influencer marketing. Set clear goals before starting anything. What will be the metrics of your measurement? How will you define the success?
  2. Be clear about what you want them to do for you! Before you start make sure you have a plan in hand. It’s about your expectations from the relationship with the influencers.
  3. Focus one at a time! To connect with the influencers, follow them on all the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. For example, I am in the marketing industry. Top marketing influencers I want to connect with are Neil Patel, AvinashKaushik, Aaron Orendroff and more. I picked Neil Patel, I have started following him everywhere.
  4. Keep track of their social media activities on a regular basis!Knowing your influencer is the 1st step to touch their heart. To do so, keep a keen eye on what they sharer on their social media account whatever it may be- a picture or a blog post. To connect with Neil I have read Neil’s blog posts and attended his webinars. Various tools likeBuzzSteam and Pitchbox are available for tracking influencers.
  5. Try to engage with their content! Share their posts, retweet their tweets, reply to their posts. Share your thoughts on what they post and what they write. Give your advice or suggestions. Comment on their posts, ask questions about the posts you want to explore. You may not get an immediate response but you will get it when you are noticed. So, patience are a must.
  6. Send informal texts! Wish them birthdays, anniversaries, holidays if you know when it is. Personalization bridges the communication gap.
  7. Don’t get frustrated, keep doing it! Trust me, it worked for me. After following an influencer for more than a month, now I becomes easy to have conversations with them. It’s fun to talk with great minds.
  8. Once you get their response, try to keep open-ended discussions! Ask intelligent questions which keep them engaged with you. Share interesting stories which they can use in their posts or articles. It’s a 2-way approach so make sure, you are involved in every discussion and respond immediately.
  9. Now you are ready to bang! Ask them if they would like to share information about your business in their network. Or suggest some good options are to how they can help you in your business. Influencers are collaborating with brands these days and sharing their stories around. They also need stuff to engage the audience. They get the content from the people like us. So, there are chances of you hitting the right spot.
  10. Keep watering the plant to get fruits in future! Always try to keep discussing the latest trends, industry growth etc. The key is to never be out-of-touch.
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Richa Pathak is Founder & Editor at SEM Updates – The Digital Marketing Magazine. She is an emerging digital marketing influencer, a creative consultant & a corporate trainer. With a decade of experience in working with B2C & B2B brands across the globe, she is also a featured author in top-10 marketing magazines globally. She offers various consulting, training, & mentorship programs to share her knowledge. Richa's principle - Plan, Execute, Learn, Implement, Repeat! Digital marketing is Richa's passion & love. She is an innovator & wants to explore more, learn more, try different tools, hacks with various campaigns. She loves reading non-fiction books and does nature photography.

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