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10 Tips to Promote Your Blog With Quora in 2024

With the rapid evolution of technology, competition has increased in every sector much more than ever before. From social media managers to bloggers to content designers, the tension to survive can be felt everywhere.

Increasing organic traffic to your website can be a tricky task for both bloggers, with the internet swarming with so many of them. But what most of them fail to consider in their strategies to stand is one platform- Quora.

Quora Statistics 2023

  • Quora has 300+ million monthly active users as per the latest data.
  • The majority of Quora users are from the 25 to 34 age group.
  • The average time spent by a user on the platform is around 8-10 minutes.
  • 3000 to 5000 Questions are asked on Quora every day.
  • Quora’s biggest user base is in India with millions of users belonging to the 13 to 35 age group.
  • Men users (55%) access Quora more than females (45%).
  • The United States sends the most traffic to
  • 65.25% of the traffic on Quora comes from organic searches.
  • gets most of its social media traffic from Twitter.

Be it a New York fashion blog or a mystery room Bangalore website, Quora can help redirect the relevant audience to your website by providing helpful information to them.  

In this article, we will share with you the top 10 tips that can help you to promote your blog using Quora in no time!  

1. Create an account on Quora for yourself 

First things first, you need to set up an account on Quora (if you don’t already have one) to promote your blog therein. To make your account stand out, make sure to use all your necessary information.  

Create an account on Quora for yourself

Starting from using your real name (and not a pseudonym), a profile picture, profession, education, and any other necessary field must be put up on your profile. It is only by providing all these required credentials on your profile that your viewers can get to know you and your blog.  

To stand out in this crowd, therefore, make sure that you provide authentic information to your viewers, starting from letting them know the real you.    

2. Find out interesting blog topics on Quora 

Being a blogger yourself, you must always keep trendy and exciting topics at hand for preparing your next blog post. With the proper usage of Quora, it can become a piece of cake!

The Q&As on this platform can prove to be useful for your purpose.

Here are some highly popular topics on Quora as of 2023.

  • Technology – 115.7 million
  • Movies – 104 million
  • Health – 100 Million
  • Food – 97.3 million
  • Science – 96.1 million
  • Music – 91.7 million
  • Books – 75.7 million
  • Visiting and travel – 68 million
  • Sports – 47 million
  • Fashion and lifestyle – 43 million
  • Politics – 29 million

Simply scrolling through them can help you come up with probable topics for your next blog post as you get a grip on what is trending among people.

Going through the questions and the answers that have been posted, the related questions, comments, and everything can prove to be useful for you.

Find out interesting blog topics on Quora

For this, all you need to do is enter a topic of your choice on the search bar in Quora.

For example, if you are looking for fashion and makeup-related ideas for your next blog, you can type something like “5 useful makeup hacks” or anything suitable. After the results load on the page, you can even use the filters as required to skim through the best content that you might be looking for. (See the image below for more details)  

Scrolling down the several questions that pop up on your screen can help you to come up with an exciting new blog post.

All you need to do after this is quick keyword research and then get going on curating your blog content! In this way, you can further increase organic traffic to your website as you start working on trending topics in no time.   

3. Work on becoming an authority in your circle of work 

With over 300 million monthly users, Quora ranks as one of the top global websites.

If you think about it wisely, this exposure can immensely benefit you once you start using Quora judiciously. Now, for bloggers who want their blogs to skyrocket their success, it is vital to assert themselves as an authority in the field.  

Increasing your exposure in the online mode is crucial to gaining the trust of your viewers over time. By increasing your exposure with the right use of Quora, you can gradually assert your authority and leave an impact in your industry.

Start by picking the areas/topics where you have the most knowledge, and thereafter you can answer whatever question is posted by users in that field. Make sure that your answers sound confident and diligent to the viewers.  

As more people start to view your answer and even follow you gradually, you can slowly rise to a position of authority in your field of work. In this way, people will come to recognize you as trustworthy, and you can thereby increase the traffic on your blog as people start checking it out!   

4. Reach out and follow the experts in your field 

Quora is a very useful platform to get to know the experts in your field of work and even to grow your network suitably. Not only can you follow individual profiles related to a certain industry, but you can also simply follow the topics themselves.

Reach out and follow the experts in your field

For instance, if you are looking for travel-related experts on Quora, you can simply search by typing ‘Travel’ on the search bar. After that, from the ‘By Type’ section on the left-hand side of your screen, you can choose if you are looking for individuals or anything else as per your choice. (See the image below for a better understanding)   

You can even follow suitable experts in your field, and who knows, they might even follow you back! When this happens, you are sure to get sufficient credibility and recognition in your sector of work.   

5. Boost up your writing skills 

Being a platform that hosts Q&As, Quora can be fruitful in boosting up your writing skills too! For any blogger, the necessity to harness excellent writing skills and a strong grip on grammar is primal.

Your blog needs to sound compelling and confident for it to become popular, and that is where Quora can help you.  

By using Quora daily, you can keep in with the habit of writing well. By writing answers on this platform on your chosen topics, you can push up your writing skills with time. Furthermore, you also get a virtual pat on your back as you gain new followers, comments, and votes on the answers that you write.

Following other users on the platform who write answers daily can also help you get a glance at how you can improve your writing skills.   

6. Post sensible and rational comments once in a while 

Writing a comment once in a while on other answers that have already been posted on the platform can also help you grow. Even though it might not sound as useful, writing comments can play a vital part in growing your audience on Quora. 

Do not, however, start dropping in comments on every other answer that you find on the platform. Instead, you should rather work by commenting on a few relevant answers posted by experts to make your mark.

By doing this, the given person will come to know about your expertise and knowledge in the field. Furthermore, it will also allow other viewers/users on the platform to get to know you, and they might even follow you in return!

With India as the second-largest user base and about 35% of Americans using it daily, Quora can provide you with a lot of exposure once you start using it properly.   

7. Insert a few links to your website sometimes 

Putting a link to your website when you are writing a detailed or rather elaborate answer can be a great way to promote your blog. In this way, while glancing through your answer, users can be seamlessly directed to your blog!

However, make sure that you do not start overusing it, for Quora is a platform that does not favour mindless promotion or marketing. Putting excess links in writing your answer will make it look nothing less than spam.

Thus, Quora will take strict action against you either by deleting your answer or, worse, by blocking your account. Therefore, it is important that bloggers like you know how to strike the right balance between using and overusing your blog links while writing answers on Quora.   

8. Grow your audience base 

With over 300 million active users and as many as 400,000 topics, Quora is a great platform to grow your audience base rapidly. By using it, you can get to know more people and direct them to your blog effectively in no time.

Reaching out to more people is the best way to grow your influence in the online markets, and Quora can be a reliable platform for the same. By answering relevant questions posted by users, you can mark your authority as an experienced blogger in the field.  

Connecting all your other social media profiles to your Quora account can also be helpful in growing your audience here. By doing so, your existing friends will be notified about your Quora account and might even start following you.

Other than just writing answers, sharing your personal stories to demonstrate a certain idea can be more helpful for your viewers. Think of it this way: if your viewers were only looking for an answer to their questions, they could have just searched it on Google.

But instead, they are looking it up on Quora in the quest to find something that can act as a ‘model’ for their questions. What your viewers are looking for is, therefore, not just an answer but a more personal story that acts as a model answer. 

Growing your audience base is not something that you can finish overnight but is certainly going to take time and effort.   

9. Meet influencers based on your industry 

Quora has fast become a popular platform amongst global users. By using it, not only can you get to know influencers in your industry, but you can even connect with top-notch influencers in other fields too!

Several high-profile people have set up their profiles on Quora, like Balaji Viswanathan (with a #1 most followed person), Adam D’Angelo, and lots more!

From founders of startup brands to top-ranking CEOs, there is no limit to the immense opportunities that Quora holds up before you! Connecting with influencers can help you a lot in promoting your blog effectively.   

10. Gain immense knowledge 

When you look at it analytically, you can understand how in comparison to other social media, Quora can be much more productive for your purpose.

In contrast to spending your time scrolling through pictures and videos on Facebook or Instagram, glancing through the posts on Quora can help you gain knowledge.

The content that you find here allows you to learn something interesting and new every day. Gathering knowledge about the latest trends in the market, what your target audience is looking for, etc., can help you make your blog even more helpful for your audience.

Thus, by gaining more knowledge about your industry, you can improve your blog and even promote it better to your target audience.  


These are the top 10 tips demonstrating how you, as a blogger, can make the most out of Quora.

The platform can be a great source of organic traffic if you know how to navigate your way around it. So, even if it takes a few rounds of trials, investing some time into learning it can be highly beneficial. 

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