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How Duplicate Content Is Bad For Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a specific way to aware people of your company. It is the essential part of your success without which you cannot move confidently. 

Without efficient search engine marketing, you will not be able to tell the engine even you exist in the market. In turn, it will not show you for most of the visitors available and keep you in the lower positions. 

For your assistance, we are here to tell you about the worst factor that you have to resolve. Without removing this problem, you will not be able to do search engine marketing properly. 

Duplicate or plagiarized content is the most harmful factor for your business growth. You will not be able to make more profit from your business unless you leave this act. 

Duplication is always irritating for the readers coming on your platform. The reader will not be connected with you in an efficient manner. 

It will not reduce visitors to your platform only but also harm your integrity in the market. 

For instance, plagiarism or duplication will not allow you to move fast towards success. This is an unethical act that will not allow you to stand in the top position and known by everyone.

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Types of Duplication

There are two main types of duplication in someone’s content. You will have to take care of both of these to complete SEM perfectly. 

Internal Duplication

Sometimes, a writer may have to write multiple blogs, articles, and other content. A person will have to repeat his words because he cannot use a new word every time. 

When he does so, he will get repetition in his words for the same topic. It happens mostly between the pages of a single website and is termed as internal duplication. 

Being a writer, you can enhance your vocabulary by spending a little time learning daily. In this way, you can reduce the chances of this duplication but cannot vanish them completely.

External duplication

Many business owners or writers copy content from other websites and paste them on their website with little or no change. It happens when someone wants to save his time and effort. 

You can complete this task quickly but you cannot expect amazing outcomes here. Soon, you will have to face the music when someone takes action against your platform. 

When the original content author will find you stealing his content, he will do a copyright strike on your platform. So, you will have to deal with such undesirable conditions while doing external duplication. 

If you are using this technique, you will have only a few visitors on your platform. Also, you will not be able to engage them for longer times with this kind of writings. 

How is duplicate content bad for search engine marketing?

Every search engine has been designed on a specific algorithm to work finely. To rank your website higher, you will have to understand the working mechanism of the search engine to as much extent as you can. 

Without doing this, you will not be able to perform your task precisely. Content is one of those important sections that are included in almost every search engine working. 

Without powerful and original content, you cannot compete with anyone available on search engines. It is important than all because it will enable you to engage the readers. 

Your ranking will be proportional to time that a reader or visitor will spend on your website. So, you will have to focus on this section more than anything else. 

Let’s read about some serious problems that you might have to face while using duplicate content. 

  • May cause a penalty from the search engines in the form of lower rank. 
  • Will affect your organic SEO techniques too
  • Affect your brand’s reputation badly
  • Leave a bad impression on readers
  • No value of your website
  • Lower the number of readers
  • Provide less or no growth in your business
  • Never let you stand on the first page of search engine
  • Waste your investment in every dimension

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How to check plagiarism in your content?

As you have been learned about the harmful effects of plagiarized content, now you need to know the exact process to remove it. 

Without an efficient way, you will not be able to do this may fell into this illegal act. First of all, you will have to know where is plagiarism in your content. 

You can do it by getting in touch with any duplicate content checker. There are a lot of tools that will assist you when you are extracting the exact piece of copied content. 

You will have to do nothing but write your content and copy it from your document. Now, you can paste it into any tool to check plagiarism.

How to check plagiarism in your content?

After pasting your content, you will see a button with different names like “check plagiarism”, “Start here” etc. You only have to click on that button of the duplicate content checker. 

The tool will search almost every database available over the internet and compare your words with it. It may take a while because the tool will have to check every document thoroughly. 

In a maximum of 5 minutes, you will be able to see the results of that specific tool. If you still feel that the results are not reliable, you can browse similar tools to check plagiarism.

How to check plagiarism in your content?


You can use a free plagiarism checker to check your content uniqueness. There are many websites that provide you the utility to check plagiarism free.

Therefore, you will have to start from the free tools and then move towards the paid one. 

Almost 90% of the tools will provide you authentic and reliable results. By understanding them, you can easily avoid copyright strikes and other legal issues by a search engine. 

Now, we will check how we can remove plagiarism from our content and remove it just after using a duplicate content checker. 

Methods to Remove Plagiarism

It is one of the most important processes that you have to look after using a duplicate content checker. You will have to put your best efforts to get unique content and use it for search engine marketing. 

Here are some tips to write a successful and unique blog post for your website.

Think original

Without considering anything else, you will have to do comprehensive research. For this, you can paste your query into the search engine and browse multiple websites. 

By reading other authors, you will get to know more about that specific topic. Keep focus while reading because it will create new ideas in your brain.

After reading some of the thoughts from various platforms, you will be able to think out of the box. It will assist you to think from a different point of view. 

All the thoughts, you have read, will merge and provide you a new idea. Now, you can think about it and start working on that specific part of the blog or article. 

Further, you should try to write on your own instead of copying them. When you have a unique idea in your mind, you can write it properly. 

Do not browse and read blogs again from those websites. It is because you will get your ideas merged into their standard and already writing thoughts. 

So, you should read them thoroughly and make an outline first. Once you have done this, you can now start writing because you will not have to get back to read again and again. 

This step will help you a lot in getting unique content and keep your website higher in SERPs.

Paraphrase the Content

Like a duplicate content checker, there is another tool to work with plagiarized content. It is often termed paraphrased tool. The quality of this tool will make your work easy and efficient. 

If you have used the above tool to check plagiarism, you will be able to use it without any hurdle. You only have to copy your content and paste it into the text box of this tool.

Paraphrase the Content

Moreover, you can upload your file in various formats like doc. txt. and others. In this way, your efforts will be reduced much and you can move towards your final point. 

The tool will choose synonyms and related words available in your content. It will show all those words in highlighted format.

Paraphrase the Content


With this, you can choose which word you want to replace or which one you do not want to change. When you have done this, you can easily click on the Next button. 

It will give you a new and unique copy of the previous content. So, it will be the best way to complete your work quickly. 

You only have to proofread a new copy of the article to eliminate any mistakes done by the tool. It is almost impossible that you will find any error like that but you have to adopt precautionary measures.

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Cite the Source

Sometimes, you cannot rephrase the words of someone. In such conditions, you will have to cite the source from where you are getting information about that topic. 

You may also do this to give credit to the source even if you are paraphrasing some of its content. It is the best way to avoid plagiarism and copyright strikes on your platform. 

You can also quote someone’s particular words and thoughts in your content. It will not be considered plagiarism or copied content in any of the duplicate content checkers.


Using the above tool and steps, you can easily get a unique copy for your platform. It will enhance the results of your efforts in search engine marketing. 

You can also expect to be ranked on the first page of the search engine. These content marketing techniques will allow you to stand one step ahead of your competitors.

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