Top 3 B2B Advertising Trends To Embrace In 2021

Businesses are staying up to date with the latest b2b advertising trends. It will help the marketing strategies to be played the right way. b2b advertising trends 2021

Content marketing has been on the boom and is expected to gloom in the year 2021 too.

However, B2B digital ads will expand by promoting content marketing in the future. It is a well-acknowledged marketing tactic that every B2B big and small company does.

Content is produced every day in creative ways to reach the targeted audience. However, every company needs to be unique and offer fresh content. 

Instead, B2B Digital Ads will expand by promoting content marketing in the future. It’s a well-recognized marketing tactic that every B2B big and small use.

We have compiled the three top B2B advertising trends to embrace in 2021.

It will support businesses to produce fresh content and get accomplished outcomes. For B2B companies who are planning their 2021 marketing strategies, these trends are significant.  

Content marketing is the fastest-growing industry and is expected to keep growing in the upcoming 2021.

Content marketing is a crucial part of B2B businesses, and it will boom next year as well. B2B marketing is a $400 billion industry, and it is expected to grow more as many businesses are investing in it blindly. 

Significant changes were seen in content marketing in the year 2018, and the modern-day businesses are utilizing these content marketing techniques such as, 

  • Blogs
  • Video Content
  • Infographic
  • Press release
  • Podcasts
  • Effective for brand awareness. 

Numerous B2B businesses are searching for ways to promote their brand with the help of content advertisement. Content marketing is known to bring brand objectives, which includes,

  • Customer experiences
  • Cost-effective ways for B2B and B2C

This has helped various businesses perform better in marketing. Since 2020 has come to an end, there is a list of things that are known to continue in content marketing even in 2021. 

B2B Advertising Trends for 2021

Let’s get started with the B2B Digital Advertising Trend, 

#1 Video Content 

 For B2B, the product or service has to be shown in a clear and easy way. The target audience could belong from different countries, and if you are going to show it through visuals, then they have to be informative, engaging, and concise.

Video content helps to show the features of a product or service and focus on its highlighting points.

Advertising your brand through video content has the following benefits:

  • Video content boosts conversion rates & sales
  • Great ROI – Return on Investment
  • It builds trust & a better connection
  • Google adores video
  • Video content appeals to viewers
  • Explains the product or service better
  • Video engages the laziest buyers
  • It encourages social shares

Video content boosts conversion rates & sales

According to animated, these percentages prove how effective video marketing is. 

  • 51% of marketing experts have considered video marketing to bring out double ROI. 
  • 97% of marketers assured that video had increased user understanding of the brand’s products and services. 
  • 76% of marketers have stated, a video has helped them to improvise traffic. 
  • 80% say the video has raised the conversion rate on their websites. 

Video advertisements work well; an average click-through rate with a video is 1.84%, and it is the highest CTR of digital ad formats. For a 15-second ad that is non-skippable on YouTube, the competition rate is 92%. For skippable video content, the quality is 9%. 

Video advertisements stats

Video advertisements work effectively on all social media platforms. Video is also known to rock email campaigns. It can be added to email marketing, and the click-through rate is known to be up by 96%. This is a productive way to be ahead in the competition while delivering your message. 

Types of video marketing

There are four basic types of video marketing that can be useful for b2b, 

#1: Educational Videos – they will teach your audience something unique.

 #2: Company culture videos – these videos help to show off a company’s personality & build reliability. 

 #3: Product or Service videos – Product or service videos are crucial for marketing strategy and help to showcase products and services to the audience. 

 #4: Testimonial videos – these videos help to let the customers know how reliable your products or services are. It can be done by famous business tycoons, celebrities, or influencers. In which they could praise your brand to spread good publicity. 

#2 Podcasts

B2B works efficiently, and before making a purchase, the buyers and suppliers like to know what is happening in the market around them. Podcasts are known to work productively as the number of podcast listeners has increased.

Many famous apps, such as the following, have featured podcasts on their homepages. 

  • Apple Music
  • Spotify

Podcasts give outstanding opportunities for collaboration. Your company experts or professionals could share the information, which could bring helpful attention to the ears of podcast listeners. It is a whole new platform for getting a fresh audience.

The product or service you are providing could benefit the listeners, and they would take an immediate interest in your businesses. It is an easy way of interacting and letting your audience hear you. 

Podcast Demographics

According to 32% of the U.S population, they listen to podcasts once a month. In which 36% of men have heard podcasts and around 29% of women. 30% of podcast listeners in women are non-white, where 40% of age from 12-24 have heard a podcast. 

The podcast is an effective advertising trend as many countries are adding it to their trend. Here is a state of podcasting in selected countries,  

Podcast is an effective advertising trend

Here are ten reasons why the podcast is beneficial, 

  • Amplifies brand’s unique voice
  • Connects on a personal level
  • Valuable content
  • Time-saving
  • Multi-task
  • Perfect for length and informative content
  • Wide network connection
  • Better communication
  • Repurpose the brand’s audio content
  • Smart speakers play podcasts

#3 Email Marketing 

In social media, the content is clarified and may not reach all of a business audience. At the same time, email marketing is 40 times more effective.

According to a study conducted by a Channel preferences survey, 91% of individuals access email one time in a day.

B2B businesses receive useful business information through emails. Therefore, it is a reliable ad trend to keep your customer email list updated and send them useful content. 

According to LinkedIn, it was discovered that B2B 50% of traffic is produced from LinkedIn, and the remaining traffic comes from email marketing.

This proves how powerful email marketing is, and the results are amazing as well. A study was conducted by IgniteVisibility, which uncovered that 60% of B2B marketing strategies are coming from email marketing.

This is a productive way to generate sales and leads. It has new customized email options that let businesses focus and achieve notable outcomes. 

B2B can send emails to their subscribers and consumers to increase sales.

According to 2021, the advanced usage of geolocation will permit hyper-segmentation and will reach out to people in the same area as a physical store. Email marketing is not dying and has its benefits and potential for B2B.

With a focused and planned strategy, it could develop successful email campaigns that will produce excellent outcomes. 

latest stats of email marketing

This is an infographic provided by Campaign monitor; it is useful and has crucial stats, which is effective for email marketing. The email could be sent to subscribers and consumers to ensure the business operation runs smoothly. 

Here are ten benefits of using email marketing, 

  • Low cost
  • Reach an existing audience
  • Deliver focused messages
  • Brings revenue and traffic
  • Easy to initiate
  • Easy to measure audience
  • Email sharing is easier
  • Reach a worldwide audience
  • Instant results
  • Double ROI


Content advertising through various channels is effective for B2B advertising and is increasing its reputation every day. The market is fierce and has an intense rise; these trends would help B2B to advertise proficiently.

With the advancements in technology such as AR and VR, content distribution in the future will be done more effectively. Customers could practically visualize the product in front of their eyes, even if it’s virtual.

The traditional strategy to run the business through personal meetings has met its fate, and the new era will concentrate on a digital advertisement. All the businesses are on the hunt to find innovative ways to compete in the market, and the best way to do so is to ensure to follow the latest b2b advertising trends.

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