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How To Set up Automated Email Marketing Campaigns? (3 Workflow Examples)

Email marketing is considered one of the very effective and evolving channels of digital marketing in today’s times.  While one-off campaigns and newsletters still have their own place in email marketing tactics, many smart companies have begun to set up automatic email marketing campaigns for triggers user actions.

It is because these automated emails are personalized, timely, and hyper-relevant to different readers. Due to this, they are clicked and opened very frequently and also drive more revenue to the business.

What is email marketing automation? 

Email marketing automation is a strategy for sending relevant, timely, personalize emails to individual contacts whenever they take a certain action. The action may include signing up for an email listing or buying from your online store.

Email marketing automation statistics

For instance, when someone signs up for contact, the action of signing up for a certain service triggers an email that welcomes the users. This email further introduces the new user to Constant Contact, asking them to verify the email address. It also tells the users to set up their accounts and begin with starting a brand.

All thanks to email marketing automation, companies can provide an amazing experience to their email subscribers. It also saves a lot of time, as it takes only one time to start the email campaign that keeps going on for as long as you want. You can pick the frequency, order, and targeted content in a message. Once you set up the sequence, the emails will be sent automatically.

Why do I need to automate my email marketing? 

Email marketing is an effective way to nurturing your leads. It also helps you build long-term relationships with the followers or subscribers by providing them relevant content at specific time intervals.

However, some marketers mistake ‘automation’ by considering it as a robot that repeats its tasks every time. But these tools offer opportunities for customizing email content at a large scale.

Finally, the email automation system is like a mini CRM that’s placed where you try to manage email listing. Meanwhile, it helps in keeping things organized for you.

Email automation software also enables you to segment and manage segment databases according to:

  • Company size
  • Job title
  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Behaviour
  • Lead source, etc.

3 email automation workflow examples 

Here are three major examples of email automation campaigns to set up while starting with this tool:

#1 Automated welcome emails

In today’s competitive market, it’s important to have a lasting first impression. When someone signs up a company’s email list, it is on them to delight the customers in the right way with enticing offers and deals.

The best way to do so is by doing three things:

Welcoming subscribers at the time of joining and thanking them for subscription

Inviting them for further connection via following your social media page, coming to your physical store, visiting your website, and more. I

Knowing the subscribers and continue sending them emails as per their interests.

1 welcome email from Marketingprofs

#2 Newsletters and blog updates

If you are keeping the company blog updated, you have a lot of timeless and great content that may not get as many views at one point in time. To solve this problem, repurpose the content via email automation drip campaigns for your new customers who probably haven’t seen that content.

Some things to keep in mind are:

Ensure the sequence builds on very engaging ideas.

Go through the posts that are updated and still relevant.

The same is true for email newsletters. The newsletters may have any content – from announcing product launches to business updates.  You have to make sure you set newsletter emails to be sent once a month. You may use this opportunity for promoting the blog posts, giving a downloadable resource, and also introduce a member of your company to help customers with the purchase of any other service.

3 newsletter email from Medium publication The Startup

#3 Promote webinars and events

Email marketing campaigns are ideas to promote meetups, events, or webinars that are run by a business.  After all, the subscribers must already feel interested in your content. So, a succession of emails is a perfect tactic to get many people interested in your events.

If a customer signs up for the “Constant Contact” event or webinar, send them an email thanking them for registration. Also, give a little detail to them about thing to expect in a webinar and how to join it.

With email marketing automation, you can easily grow your business while ensuring maximum guests are attending your event or seeing the recording of the webinar.

event promotion emails - webinar email


For creating a successful email marketing automation tactic, you need to follow the given examples. It will help you keep a closer tab on the analytics. It will also help you build a rock-solid foundation for your company.

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