How Web Hosting Impact Your Website SEO?

Web hosting is a factor that affects SEO but hasn’t been given importance for some time. The SEO experts have recently identified the fact that if you don’t pay attention to web hosting, it may affect your website’s accessibility and ranking. Moreover, you shouldn’t ignore the extent to which it can improve your traffic and conversion rates.

Therefore, it is important to handle this topic in detail and learn the importance of web hosting.

Why Website Hosting is Important for SEO?

After making a decision for creating a website, you need to be careful while selecting the company for hosting it. This is because your website’s ranking and reach will be dependent on the provider you select.

You can take the help of Google to help you stand out in the competition in your niche and for this web hosting is the area you need to focus on.

Key Features of SEO-Friendly Website Hosting

You should look for the below features while selecting an SEO-friendly web hosting provider.

#1 High Speed

All internet users want websites to load in seconds. A good website shouldn’t take more than two seconds for loading. Generally, it is not possible for websites to achieve this loading speed easily, but you need to work hard to at least achieve a speed closer to it by optimizing for Google’s latest speed update.

Remember if your website is slow it won’t rank among the top search results as Google as well as other users, value only high-speed loading websites. QuickBooks Canada Hosting cam help you improve your server speed and load time.

#2 99.9% Uptime

If you set your demands high and work seriously on achieving those, you surely get success. Uptime is a factor that shouldn’t be compromised while selecting the right web hosting provider. No doubt, you can’t avoid some downtime but still, you should expect 99.9% uptime which is a standard one.

In simple terms, if there is high downtime on your website, there is an issue with the server on which it is hosted. When users visit your website during downtime, they will jump to the next site and search engines will notice this.

In case you face this situation frequently, your website is found to be unreliable and this will affect your rankings. Thus, it is cleared why web hosting is important for SEO.

#3 Flawless Website Security

When you properly and regularly maintain your website, it will stay secure and this will positively affect the SEO. If it’s the opposite, you might be at risk of becoming a victim of a hacking activity that comprises of posting different types of content by using your traffic, often related to gambling.  Additionally, search engines such as Google have made security standards such as HTTPS compulsory and there are penalties for mixed content.

When you are selecting a web host for your website, add those in your list that provide proactive maintenance and keep you informed about timely updates. This helps you to get genuine security for your website on different levels.

#4 Automated Backups

Automatic backups are one of the key features of SEO-friendly website hosting. It helps to keep your website data securely stored in case anything goes wrong. If your web host offers you automatic backups daily and assists you in resolving the problems in an efficient way, it is a great choice to opt for.

#5 Easy Upgrade to Other Website Hosting Package

Your website keeps on growing continuously and website owners strive hard for that. As time passes, you will need to upgrade the hosting package that you are using for managing the growing traffic on your website.

In case your web host allows you to upgrade your services package when you want to without forcing you to pay additional charges or causing major difficulties in your website functionalities, you have opted for a perfect web host.

#6 Sever Location Matters Too

Search engines also consider server location as one of the factors for ranking other than content marketing. This information can be found in your IP address. This means that search engines will value your website as compared to other similar websites when a user of your site is located from the same place as your server location.

After taking a looking at the factors above, you might still be confused as to which web hosting provider is the best. So, check the brief description of the best web hosting provider.

How MilesWeb can help you?

MilesWeb launched in 2012 stands among the leading web hosting providers globally. They were established in India in 2012 and today, have over 20,000 customers using their services happily.

There is a wide range of web hosting plans offered by them and these include shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller hosting, VPS, WordPress, cloud, and application hosting. They are an award-winning company and are appreciated for performance, security, customer support, and reliability.

Apart from this, their team is available 24/7 to help their customers with issues related to web hosting. Live chat and email are two options for contacting them. They offer you the best uptime in the industry which is 99.95% uptime. Suppose you don’t get the expected service from them, you can claim for a refund within the first 30 days of a service purchase.


Hope that you have now understood the importance of web hosting for SEO. Make sure you select your web host considering these factors and boost your ranking in search engines.

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