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Top 20 Secret Tactics to Win More New Customers in 2020

In today’s highly competitive environment, finding new customers is not an easy task. A lot of businesses spending a fortune to attract customers.

In this article, you will find 20 tips to attract new customers to your business and increase your business sales.

#1 Define your target

There is no point in setting out to win new customers if you don’t really know who you are looking for. Draw a robot portrait of the typical user of your business that likely to buy your product or service. Then detail what his desires, expectations, habits, and places where he will find information on products.

PPC - target audience tips

Source: ConversionXL

#2 Make yourself known to your target

Once your target market has been defined, try to reach it by communicating about the company and its offer. Advertising insert in the press, distribution of flyers, sending emails. It’s up to you to define the ideal modes/means of communication to reach your target. You can try this online flyer maker to create attractive flyers.


#3 Expand your network

Are you looking for new customers? Now maybe the time to step out of your managerial lair and meet new people who could introduce you to future clients. Where to go contact fishing? In business clubs, on local events or related to your sector of activities.

Expand your network, connections


#4 Leverage your networks

You have marvelously followed the previous advice, well done. But all the work remains to be done. Because to win a new customer it is not enough to give your business card. So be proactive & communicative, quickly get back in touch and offer your services or contacts: the best recipe for collecting help from your network.

#5 Communicate on social media

Everyone says that nowadays brands must be present on social networks. Of course, but you still have to know how to use them. Create a Facebook page for your business, but if you regularly animate it with information that may interest customers for example.

social media communication

Source: LiveMint

#6 Encourage satisfied customers to testify

Because they are your best ambassadors. These customers will be able to launch a glowing word of mouth about your product which will spread and quickly reach potential customers already acquired with this recommendation from a third party in whom they trust. What better dream?

Marketing - customer satisfaction, rating

Source: hotjar

#7 Place yourself as an expert

What will convince customers to come to you? To know that you are the best. And how can they get this idea across? By placing yourself as an expert in the field, through the writing of specialized work, by posting articles on advice on social networks or by intervening in the famous “expert forums” of magazines. A small additional working does a lot for a maximum effect.

#8 Build an effective website

Today most consumers start by going online before deciding on their purchases. So focus your efforts on achieving an effective website. It must be clear, precise and well organized. Also, pay attention to the style: an “old-fashioned” site will not boost the buying impulse.

PPC landign page example

#9 Diversify your offer

If your product or service does not attract enough customers, one solution is to offer that to another with a slight twist. A simple idea, even simplistic, but it can have its effect. Analyze the trend of your market efficiently and think carefully about what your customer’s expectations are. All you have to do is ride the wave of success.

#10 Improve your commercial approach

Because it is rare that a customer comes alone to ring at your door while drawing their pen, ready to sign the contract with you, it will be useful to improve your commercial. Coaching, training or regular reading of specialized books. all means are good to become a good seller.

#11 No longer be afraid of telephone prospecting

At night you dream of a psychopathic phone sequestering you in your office? No doubt, you are the victim of an acute form of prospecting-phobia. So relax and put things into perspective: even the best-sellers are regularly hung upon. You can also consider getting yourself trained in this area to gain confidence and improve your efficiency.

#12 Explore the multiple promotion techniques

Do not say that you have never been convinced by the marketing techniques implemented by manufacturers to make you buy their products? The famous line “2 for the price of 1”: a magic trick? No, just a perfect understanding of the mechanisms of the impulse to buy. which you can take back into your account by remixing it a little.

#13 Conclude partnerships

Because 2 people are stronger than alone. No, this is not an advertisement for Meetic but rather commercial advice. By joining forces with a company that offers a complimentary offer to yours, you offer yourself greater visibility and expand your network.

#14 Improve your offer based on customer feedback

They may not have a marketing degree in their pockets, but they are the ones who will best advise you on optimizing your offer. Getting the right customer feedback on your various holiday campaigns would help you optimize it for better results.


#15 Renew your image

A client asks you if it was your grandfather who designed your company logo? It may be time to refresh your image by giving it a facelift. And because going through the lifting box does not only work for women but also your brand will experience renewed success.

brand recognition

Source: Lokusdesign

#16 Improve your SEO

Because few people will have the reflex to call the plumber whose site is referenced on page 10 of the results in SERP. So invest and offer the advice of SEO specialists: guaranteed effects on annual turnover. having the right SEO strategy including right business profiling and link building in place would help you improve your website traffic.


#17 Learn how to optimize your customer meetings

Unless you have mastered the art of hypnosis, which could make it much easier for you to convince the client in front of you, you will need to learn how to effectively conclude your business meetings. A subtle art whose secrets you can discover by consulting the books of experts.

#18 Observe your market and learn from the good ideas of your competitors

Remember: how did you manage to get good grades when you were at school? You stood next to the top of the class to copy. Today it is no longer a question of copying but of studying the positioning of your competitors to detect their good ideas, those that attract all your potential customers to them.

#19 Find new distribution networks

Take yourself for The Experts and go hunting for clues that will allow you to define the places frequented by your potential customers. Once you’ve defined these places, think about it: there must be a way to make them a point of sale for your offer.


Source: logistics-bureau

#20 Use your imagination

Any ideas that will allow you to heal your image and get closer to your target are good to take. Organization of practical workshops, offbeat marketing operations. Brainstorm with your employees and let all the proposals come, even the most improbable.

What is your strategy? Do share your learnings with us in the comment!

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