How to Write a Winning Meta Description Using Text Summarizer?

Meta description, also known as a Meta tag, is a component of HTML. This element describes and outlines the text of your page. 


It provides benefits and convenience to the users as well as the search engines. A Meta tag does not directly support SEO rankings

However, it plays a considerable role in on-page SEO

What is a Meta Description? 

A meta tag or description exhibit the content of your page briefly. This tag will appear under your headline in the search engines. 

The Meta tag of any page could be seen by clicking the “view source” option on the ride side of the page.

 When the researchers search for the relevant article, they will be able to know about the summary of your article through this brief description at the start. 

What are text summarizers? 

Just as the name suggests, text summarizer tools are AI-based tools that are generated to create a concise summary of a text. 

These tools work efficiently to condense the long text into a short form while maintaining the original meaning and concept.  

How do text summarizers help in writing a winning Meta description? 

A Meta description is considered a significant factor of your page that will help you in better ranking and getting a more relevant audience. 

So, it is important to write an engaging Meta tag that will attract the readers to your page. 

It might get difficult and time-consuming to come up with a creative Meta description every time. 

In this regard, there are text summarizer tools that will help you summarize your whole text in a brief Meta tag. 

Here are a few features of the text summarizer tools that will enable you to come up with an engaging meta tag for your page; 

  • Preservation of Original Meaning 

The most incredible feature of a text summarizer tool is the preservation of the original text meaning. 

A summary must surround all the significant information and details of the source article. This will help the users to understand it easily.

Online text summarizer tools are a great help while generating a short form of a long text as these tools make sure to retain the originality of the source text. 

The summary will match perfectly to the original text that the user will put in the input box of the tool. This feature will create an excellent summary that will attract users.

 Using this tool for creating a meta tag will help you to come up with the most relevant and precise description that will contain the original meaning of the complete article. 

  • Quick Output (Time-Saving) 

A web writer has to come up with an engaging Meta description every time he wants to publish an article. 

A Meta tag is an important part of the whole content that needs to be written very carefully as it must be engaging and winning.

 To write one will require a lot of time and effort. It is not an easy task to read and understand the whole article and come up with a concise summary all by yourself. 

To help you accomplish this task, hundreds of online text summarizers are generated. These tools, along with providing many other incredible features, also works fast. 

It will generate the most relevant and precise summary of your text within seconds. It will save a lot of your time and effort. You can use these tools every day or any time. 

The summary generated will be engaging and free of any errors that a human might create while doing it so, it will not require any editing. 

  • Relevant Keywords 

Keywords are the key factor for search engine rankings. It is important, to sum up your text with the most relevant and targeted keywords. 

A Meta description is the introduction to your page that should contain well-researched and related keywords. 

It becomes difficult and time-consuming to find the right keywords for your text by yourself.

 However, using an online text summarizer tool will help you to add the most appropriate keywords to your meta description. This will result in an increased chance of a better SEO ranking.  

  • Free to use

Another amazing thing about these online text summarizer tools is that they are available online for free hence being money-saving. 

These tools can be accessed by anyone without the need for any registration of sign up.  This becomes convenient for everyone. 

  • Concise

A Meta description should be of a certain length to make it good for SEO. Manually writing a description may get longer than the limit and it might get irrelevant to the original text. 

A text summarizer will enable you to create a concise and precise summary of your text. This will help you to come up with winning Meta tags every time. 

The more concise the Meta description is, the more it will be appealing to the reader, which will urge him to read the whole page. 

Best Online Text Summarizers: 

As there are hundreds of options available for online text summarizers, it might get confusing to choose the right one. 

Don’t fret! We have surveyed and shortlisted two of the best tools that will help you come up with a winning Meta description.

The first text summarizer is This tool is available online for free and provides various incredible features to its users, including content safety, original meaning preservation, concise summary, etc.

The other tool is SUMMARIZINGTOOL.NET. It allows unlimited text summarization and works on the latest AI-based technology to provide the best summary possible. 

These tools can be accessed anytime and anywhere. 


Meta descriptions are an instrument for SEO. Enhancing your Meta tag can help you get more viewers on your page, improving conversions, sales, and readers. 

The text summarizer tools will help you create the most relevant and precise summary/meta tag for your page. 

It will help you improve your Meta tag, hence increasing audience and chances of SEO rankings.

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