5 Link Building Tips for Small Businesses You Can’t Miss

The power of SEO is something that takes a little bit of getting used to. For small business owners, link building is a part of that process. Once you get the basics down, everything else will fall into place.

1. Keep It Natural

Safely growing your links requires the help of the best seo link building services. A mistake to avoid is going too big and too fast. Small business owners get wrapped up in the ‘all or nothing’ mentality and begin making terrible SEO mistakes. When search engines smell something unnatural about the footprint of a webpage, it is done. And this is not the type of done where you can simply try to climb back into the rankings later – all of your current SEO resources are instantly unoptimized for current and future marketing campaigns. Keep it natural with a link-building service, and you can easily avoid this bad mistake.

2. Use Social Signals

Prepare your successful link-building journey with social signals. This still falls in line with the keep it natural message but takes it further by incorporating effortless marketing. Start by working the engagement angle on Facebook, and watch as your organic traffic takes an uptick. When your own customers are doing the marketing for you, that is when social signals are at their best. From that point forward, links become the bridge that they all take to the same destination.

3. Vary Your Target URL

Link building can lead to bouts of laziness when you’re doing all of the work. Put yourself in the shoes of the people that click on links. How often do you pay attention to the variation of a target URL? Can you type in the name of a specific website from memory, or do you rely on a search engine or autocomplete? With that in mind, are your URL practices a recognizable pattern with the most popular search engines? There is a balance between both sides and toeing that line is the difference between good and great link-building.

4. Avoid Over-optimizations

Anchor abuse is rampant, and the biggest cause is overoptimization. When building backlinks, don’t go crazy with the anchor text. Keep it topical, relevant and short. Search engines are on the lookout for overoptimizations, and anchor text is one of the easiest things to recognize.

5. Guest Posts

Guest posts are your gateway to incredible marketing through link building. Part of the process is negotiating the implementation of high-power internal links. The topic, guest poster, and page location are going to be the three pillars of making this relationship work. Whether you are using your own outreach or going through a vendor, it is important to stay on brand. One or two internal links using this method could cause an incredible change in your traffic.

Build A Winner

Don’t wait until the last minute to turn your business into a winner. Link building can change how consumers and search engines see your product. It’s never too late to try something different in SEO, especially when you’re a small business.

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